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How to keep your jewellery safe while travelling

Going on holiday is the perfect opportunity to show off some of your best looks. Whether you’re exploring in the day or enjoying fine dining in the evening, it makes sense that you would want to have your favourite jewellery with you to enhance your outfits.

However, you might be concerned about how to properly look after your jewellery, both whilst you’re travelling and once you have arrived at your destination. Here are some top tips on how to keep your jewellery safe and in good condition.

Keep it minimal

While you may have a vast jewellery collection at home, when travelling it’s best to pack a minimal amount, meaning there’s less to get lost or damaged in a worst-case scenario.

Pack your most versatile pieces, such as dainty chains or simple studs, as well as a few more statement pieces too. This way you can use the same pieces to style with multiple outfits, while still adding a personal touch. 

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If you have jewellery of high monetary or sentimental value, consider taking out specialist jewellery insurance. This will protect you from both accidental damage as well as loss or theft. 

If you have previously taken out jewellery insurance, make sure that your policy is up to date to reflect your current collection and its value. 

Travel storage

Whilst you are travelling, using some travel jewellery storage is wise to prevent your pieces from becoming tangled or getting damaged in your case. Investing in a box that has dedicated space for rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings is a good idea. If possible, it is wise to travel with this in your hand luggage bag, as opposed to your checked bag, as this means fewer chances for it to go missing, and fewer people handling it. 

If you aren’t able to keep your box in your hand luggage, make sure that you have a lock on your suitcase to prevent it from being broken into. 

A travel jewellery case is something that you can use every time you travel and will give you peace of mind that your jewellery is safe. 

Hotel safe

Once you arrive at your accommodation, make sure to utilise the safe that comes in your hotel room to store your jewellery. If your room doesn’t come with a safe, enquire at reception as to whether there is a safe or additional safety measures you can take advantage of. 

If you are taking regular trips to the pool, beach, or anywhere that you don’t plan on wearing your jewellery, keep it in your travel box, in a safe, rather than leaving it all over your hotel room. This leaves far fewer opportunities for it to be misplaced or damaged. 

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