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How to Improve Your Spotify Popularity

Everyone wants to become the next hit sensation. However, few people are going to make it. Throwing your sounds up on Spotify isn’t going to get you heard. You need something to start the fire. Here it is, the Spotify secret. It isn’t that novel, but it is hard to do right. Most people do it wrong. So, if you are ready to really make a change. Read the following to get in on the action now.

What is the Spotify Secret?

Play close attention to what you are about to read. It will only last a little time. So, you need to hit it hard and hit it now. Waiting will only decrease the effectiveness. Here it goes!

The secret is … more plays. Amazing, right? I mean, no wonder no one thought of it before. This secret is to die for. I just kidding. It isn’t that surprising, but it is the secret. If you want to make it big on Spotify, you need followers and plays. That is it. The secret really isn’t in the plays but in how you get them.

No one will just stumble upon your music. No one will immediately search for your site. You can blast your links to your social following as much as you want but it will only do but so much good. There is a limit to what your social media can do for your Spotify plays. At the end of the day, you need to find a sure-fire way to increase your Spotify plays. There is no other secret to give. So, let’s talk about why this is the metric you need and how you can get there.

How Can You Work the System?

When you listen to music on Spotify, you could listen to a specific artist or album, but eventually you will start to listen to the “radio” and Spotify will play similar songs for you. How does it know what songs to play? It isn’t curated by an actual DJ. There is an algorithm that determines based on music preference and style which songs and artists you may like.

However, it isn’t going to play bad artists. How can it tell which artists are bad? If an artist has no followers or likes, it will never share their songs. Once an artist starts to grow an audience and followers, the algorithm will pick up on the popularity and spread the songs to others. This is how you create a buzz. It isn’t about the social media. It is about the organic algorithm growth.

If you can get over the hump of not being noticed to being noticed, you can significantly increase your exposure to your target market of music listeners. But how does this work? Stay with me here, because this is where the magic happens.

Is Buying Plays Ok?

You need to do some digital marketing. What is digital marketing? All advertising is a type of marketing. The marketing that is done on the internet is called digital marketing. Those banners that you see on the side of your screen are all forms of digital marketing. You pay platforms and people to visit your website each click of the bar.

This is a highly common practice in every industry and every marketing firm. So, when you are thinking about spreading your sound around, you need to invest in some digital marketing.

The best form for Spotify is to buy plays. If the only metric that matters is the play count, then all you need to do is to ensure that you get enough plays for the algorithm to notice you. Once that happens your music will start to spread organically.

You need to buy Spotify plays if you really want to ensure that your play will increase. It isn’t that hard, and you buy them in bulk. Each count is a person and Spotify algorithms see those as legitimate plays. You aren’t doing anything wrong because you are just marketing your music. It isn’t any different than advertising shoes in a magazine or handing out free samples or getting sponsored to promote an event.

Further, you won’t need to buy them forever. Remember that the point is to increase the play count so that the Spotify algorithm picks up your popularity growth. Once that happens you can let the natural distribution of your song take over. You no longer need to buy them.

Where Do I Buy Them?

You can’t buy them at your corner store. You need to find a digital distributor that focuses on Spotify marketing like Good luck and keep it up.

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