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How to Improve Your Personal Productivity

Modern people are bombarded with work, news, and notifications at almost every waking moment. With constant notifications from work apps and social media, remote work and unstable living conditions, it could be tough to focus and stay productive all day. Procrastination and the desire to have a few more hours for watching TV also ruin the working day, forcing us to work too late and damaging our sleep schedule. 

Even though we can also use time management and productivity tools and apps, we do not always know the basics that affect productivity even more. Let’s explore some simple yet effective tips that can help you stay productive for longer without chronic stress and racing thoughts:

Focus on Energy, Not Time Management

If you are working remotely or freelancing, you usually don’t have any exact time you need to work for. While these working conditions are beneficial for most people, they also make it harder to stay self-organized and know how to build your own workday schedule. That is why try to focus on the energy consumption each task takes instead of how many hours you need for a specific task.

Managing your energy means knowing how hard for you it will be to complete a task or have a call with colleagues. If you know that some tasks take too much energy and they are harder than others, find a time in the day when you have the most energy. For most people, it is morning, while others prefer to take on hard tasks in the evening. 

Take Breaks

Taking breaks is important since too much work can quickly overwhelm your mind. Even though some believe it is best to work until they can finish something, statistics show that taking breaks allows one to refocus and get back with fresh ideas. Use Headway app, which offers you a 15-minute audiobook so you can relax and enjoy your meal or just close your eyes and lay in bed. And these 15-minute breaks will reduce stress, making it much easier to get back to work later.

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Use Sticky Notes and To-Do Lists

Sticky notes and a quality to-do list can do wonders. They can be written on paper or in the productivity app that allows you to always get back to the list to check what you need to do and when. Sticky notes can mark the priority of all tasks so you can quickly navigate the day according to the list. Both tools have been shown to greatly improve both professional and personal productivity. 

Put Social Media on Hold

Since we all have social media accounts and not everyone has the same working schedule as you, you may get lots of notifications all day long. This greatly disturbs the focus you need for your work or personal to-dos, as well as negatively impacts productivity. That is why it is best to mute all your social media accounts when you need to concentrate on something. This will help you finish the work faster and get back to replying later but with less stress that you won’t be able to finish something.

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