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How to Improve the Customer Experience at Your Beauty Salon

The beauty industry in the UK is a multi-billion pound one, encompassing everything from nail treatments to holistic massage and professional hairdressing. It is a broad church, with beauty salons often offering a variety of treatments and procedures – something that has become all the more true in recent years, as non-surgical enhancements become popular and near-ubiquitous.

But, resilient as the beauty industry is, news of impending recession threatens the longevity of many businesses. Tighter household budgets mean less spending on luxury, meaning beauty businesses are less able to rely on new business. Beauty salons need to make renewed efforts to provide value for their regular customers – something that can only be done by re-evaluating the customer experience from the ground up.

If you own a beauty salon, you may be puzzling out various ways to weather the oncoming economic drought. What are some of the leading ways in which you can address the customer experience, to consolidate repeat custom, and protect against downturn?

Information and Openness

A transparent approach to providing treatments and procedures is always the best way to win customer trust and to increase the likelihood of repeat or return custom. Informative posters with comprehensive breakdowns of procedure costs and timeframes can give customers more information with which to make a purchase decision, while post-treatment and aftercare booklets can help them ensure their treatments provide results for the longest possible time.

Rewarding Loyalty

Repeat customers can also be won with a generous approach to loyalty. By offering unique and exclusive rewards for returning clients, you can inspire more to make the most of their status as ‘regular’. This could be done in as simple a way as providing stamp cards for smaller treatments – for example, after five manicures, your customers can claim a free manicure or discounted massage.

Canvassing for Feedback

Refining your customers’ experience with you is an iterative process and one that requires analysis of many different components of your operation. Finding out where you might need to improve can be made easier and more effective through asking your customers directly, in the form of feedback.

This can be done informally by checking in with customers after their treatments, or more empirically with the use of feedback forms and questionnaires. You could offer rewards for honest, completed questionnaires to improve the quality of responses.

Automating Processes

Often, customers don’t have issues with the quality of your service itself, but instead, the way in which they access your services. Many local beauty salons still rely on a landline telephone to receive bookings and manage appointments, which can be inconvenient for newer customers.

By embracing digital solutions and new automation technology, you can allow customers to book treatments and be assigned appointments at lightning speed – making them happier and freeing up more of your time for administering the treatments themselves.

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