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How to Handle Jealousy

Let’s admit it, we’ve all been there.

We all feel jealously. It can be professional jealousy, when we are envious of another’s career. Or it can be personal jealousy, when we envy another’s life, looks, or relationships. We may even be jealous of someone we actually like as a person! To some degree, jealousy is perfectly normal and natural, especially if you are a competitive person who wants to excel, succeed, and win. But how do we let go of our ego and set it aside?

Recognize it’s Jealousy that you’re feeling

The first step is being able to recognize it and realize that something is going on inside of us. When we think of the person we are jealous of, our ego is bruised because we don’t feel like we match up to them on a certain level. This, in turn, makes us feel badly about ourselves. It is vital to stop comparing ourselves to this person. Rather, keep your goals focused only on yourself and don’t use another person as a gauge for success. If you always compare yourself to others, you will always be disappointed.

Turn your jealousy into a source of inspiration

Instead of being jealous of their success, use it as fuel and as your inspiration. Try to understand what makes them successful or likable and study how they came to where they are today. What positive practices do you see them doing in their everyday lives? Do they rise early each morning? Are they always on time to appointments? Do they stand by their word? By redirecting jealous energy, you can work harder and be more focused on your goals, putting you on a good path to improving yourself as a whole.

Show them respect

OK, maybe you’re not able to exhibit a huge round of support to this person, and we’re not asking you to throw a celebratory party for them. You are, after all, only human. But at least show respect for the success they have achieved by choosing to be supportive and happy when around them. Remember, this person may not even know you are jealous of them and they probably have no ill feelings towards you. By taking the higher road, this will help you and your feelings of anger and jealousy towards this person gradually go away.

Accept that you’re on your own path

We all have to accept that different people succeed at different times in their lives. Everyone has their own timeline and experiences both highs and lows along the way. Just because you don’t have it now, doesn’t it mean you won’t have it later in life.

Jealousy doesn’t hurt anyone except yourself. So why keep it going when it’s only hindering your own success? In the words of Elsa, let it go.

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