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How to Give Yourself a Glamorous Everyday Hairstyle

Doing your own hair can be stressful, at times. We tend to overthink styling and constantly wonder how to achieve the perfect hairstyle for our everyday look. Well, Yuna Min is a pro at doing an everyday glam look, and she is here to show you how to give yourself a glamorous everyday hairstyle. It’s actually a lot easier than you think it is. Just follow these 6 easy steps, and you’ll soon be a pro at doing your own hair.

Step 1: Brush Out your Hair

It’s important to begin with clean, brushed-out hair. This way, your hair will curl easier.

Step 2: Section Off Your Hair

Pull your hair into small sections to prepare to curl. The smaller the section, the more sections you have, so the more curls you will have. The larger the section, the fewer curls you will have. For this look, Yuna suggests smaller sections, as the hair will curl easier with a smaller section, as well.

Step 3- Hairspray the Section

Hairspray the section you just separated before curling it. This will help it hold the curl. Yuna prefers to use the Joico Protective Hairspray.

Step 4- Curl the Section

With a curling iron with a 3/4″ barrel, curl the section. Begin at the base of the section and wrap the hair around the curling iron from the base down to the ends.

Step 5- Repeat Throughout the Hair

Do this through each section until your hair has been completely curled.

Step 6- Brush Out the Hair

Hairspray again, if needed, and brush out your hair one final time to give it volume. If you need to tease a little to give more volume, now would be the time to do it.

There you have it! Now you have a natural glam hairstyle that you can wear to work, out with your friends, or in your daily routine. Getting a natural glam hairstyle that you can rock everyday is possible! And it’s not even difficult to do!


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