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How to Get The Best Hair In Summer

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Wear a Scarf

How To Get The Best Hair In Summer
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Headscarves are not just a cute hair accessory that keeps the bad hair days away. Wearing a headscarf when exposed to the sun can help you keep those locks and scalp healthy. For extra protection, use a headscarf to conceal a mask treatment. Start by rinsing your hair at an outdoor shower strand and then apply a hair mask with UV protection. Comb it through to evenly distribute the mask everywhere. Pop a scarf to hide your beauty treatment and sit back and relax while nurturing your hair at the beach.

Wash Your Hair Properly

When on holiday, hair damage can occur from many angles. To minimize the damage, make sure you wash your hair properly. Wash your mane with cold water before you take a dip in the pool or sea. Your hair can absorb a limited amount of water, so by washing it with clean water first, you will lower the absorbed amount of chlorine and salt. It’s also worth to get a special hair mask that protects against chlorinated water and saltwater.

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