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How to Get that Red Carpet Glow

It’s 2020, and we cannot live without the glow. It’s in. And, unfortunately, we were stuck inside all year, leaving us desperate for nice, glowy skin. We’re all about the highlighters and we’re constantly secretly praying this trend sticks around (fingers crossed). The thirst for glow is so real that it is no longer reserved for our cheekbones. We all remember the days of sprinkling glitter dust all over our bodies far too well. The cringe is real. Well, this time body shimmer is back in a more tasteful manner.

That beautiful red-carpet body glow is an essential to complete any glam look. Whether you’re wearing a low-cut dress or are going for the cold shoulder look, adding a bit of glow just takes things to the next level. If you’re looking to get glowing all over, then here are some of our top tips and tricks for full glam that starts in the shower.

Prep Yourself

As with any true beauty trend, it’s all in the prep. You can use some pretty amazing body shimmer products, but they’re only going to work perfectly if you put in some work, too.

With body glow, exfoliation is key. Dedicate a good few minutes in the shower to really scrubbing wherever your body is going to be exposed in your outfit. Really work your scrub into your shoulders and across your collarbone. The smoother the skin is, the more beautifully you’ll glow. Oh, and speaking of smooth…

And Then Prep Some More

…Once you’ve stepped out the shower, it’s time to seriously lotion up. Sometimes this is really all you’ll need to get that glow. If you use a great lotion, then it can catch every light without you having to add any other products on top of it! But if you’re a little extra like us and want to add some products- then moisturized skin is needed as a base!

Hit The High Points

When we highlight our faces we’re told to hit the high points. We brush the highlighter onto our cheekbones, at the tip of our noses, and wherever our face appears to come to a higher point. The reason we don’t just brush it all over is that would avoid the purpose.

The purpose with highlighting is to give your face dimension and catch the light. If you’re highlighted all over, you’ll look like a round disco ball as opposed to a sculpted glow! Well, the same rule applies to your body.

Instead of just showering your entire body with shimmer, stick to the elevated points. These points are typically on your shoulder blades, across your collarbone, and sometimes we like to pop a little on our breasts if they’re really on show that day! Hitting these specific points give you a natural red carpet glow rather than leaving you looking fresh out of a 60s school disco!

Use The Good Stuff

Figuring out the right way to get that glow is essential, of course. But now that you have it down, it’s time to focus on the good stuff. That being, the products that are going to really send it home. We’ve hand picked our top favorite vegan products that are going to give your body the glow it craves! All you have to do is choose your weapon of choice, and follow the tips above! Here’s our roundup of glow-goddesses..

Kopari Coconut Body Glow

The Body Shop Drops of Glow

Wet n Wild Megaglo Highlighting Sticks


Lush Feeling Younger Skin Tint



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