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How to Get Rid of Blackheads Using Home Remedies

No skincare dilemma is quite as pesky as the dreaded blackhead. There’s a reason behind so many skincare products being aimed at targeting that very problem. Try as we might, they’re hard to avoid. While some of us are blessed with flawless, poreless-looking skin, many of us suffer from enlarged pores and the problems that come with it. We’ve all given a fair amount of pore strips a try, but sometimes they just won’t budge. Well, instead of wasting all of your money on the latest fad that claims to clear your pores, why not turn to your kitchen first?

Home remedies almost never disappoint. They’re simple, straight-forward and you usually don’t have to spend anything at all. DIY remedies using simple kitchen ingredients never fail us, so we’re here to give you a few options. Here’s how your pantry can keep you blackhead- free!

Vegan Egg White

This option is the simplest yet most effective of the bunch! This recipe is inspired by Korean beauty; they incorporate egg whites a lot in their pore strips or pore treating products. Well, this simple mask takes one ingredient and delivers instant results.

Simply whip up some egg whites and brush them onto your skin. Wait until the egg whites dry on your skin, it should turn from transparent to white. Then, simply wash it off for instantly tightened pores!

…or Add Some Tissue

Another way to work with the egg whites is to go through the exact same steps as previously mentioned and add something into the mix. While the egg whites are still wet on your face, apply ONE ply of tissue onto the areas you’re struggling with the most. That way, when the egg whites dry, you’ll be left with something like a pore strip. All you have to do is rip it off like a bandage!

Honey & Cinnamon

Cinnamon is a pretty spicy spice that you don’t want to pile onto a meal, and that’s why it’s perfect for your skin. Spiciness opens up your pores and allows all the gunk causing blackheads to be easily removed. Meanwhile, honey is known to be a soothing and healing ingredient. Mixing the two together gives you great results without being too harsh on your skin.

Mix one part cinnamon with two parts honey and form a paste. Apple a thin layer as a face mask and leave it on for 15 minutes before washing off. The cinnamon works to open up your pores and extract blackheads. Meanwhile, the honey soothes your skin and it’s cooling effect helps tighten your pores back up!


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