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How to Get Luxury Skincare at Affordable Prices

Many people underestimate how important looking good actually is, but it is one of the most important factors that determine your level of self-esteem. If you know you don’t look good, you might think other people are not viewing you the same way you view yourself, and as a result you may begin undervaluing your qualities, accomplishments, skills or even individual character.

A very simple solution to get started is to have a skincare routine, no matter how basic it is, as it will definitely improve the quality of your skin. Unfortunately, many skincare products are very expensive, and luxury skincare products even more so. In addition to this, since there is a massive price difference between those products and drugstore bought skincare products, it’s assumed that they aren’t as effective.

This idea might not be correct, so, here are a few answers to common questions and advice on how to get luxury skincare at affordable prices.

Do drugstore skincare products work?

The first most commonly asked question is “Do drugstore skincare products work?”, and the answer to that is yes. The misconception is that because there’s a massive difference in the price between luxury skincare products and drugstore ones, that the drugstore skincare products are much less effective.

The truth is that skincare products found in drugstores contain the same ingredients, like hyaluronic acid, vitamin C and retinol, as luxury skincare products. If you were to use these ingredients on your skin, you will most definitely see an improvement.

Another thing to consider is that there are many less well-known, luxury skincare products on the market which are available at a much more affordable price, such as the Misumi range.

How are luxury skincare products different?

As mentioned, drugstore skincare products contain the same ingredients as luxury skincare products, however the difference is that luxury skincare products use a much higher concentration of ingredients than drugstore skincare products.

A tip before buying is to research how much of an ingredient your body can actually use, then check how much of that ingredient is in the skincare product. The second difference is that luxury skincare products use plant-derived, natural extract compared to drugstore skincare products, which uses synthetic ingredients.

Thirdly, luxury skincare products also usually contain rare ingredients, which are good for your skin, even if it is just a drop.

Why is there a price difference?

Many people assume that the price difference is just a result of superior ingredients in luxury skincare products, but as indicated, the ingredients are basically the same. When it comes to the price, there are many other factors to consider. Some of those factors are things like packaging, testing, marketing, R&D, scale of production and rent, among others.

When people buy luxury skincare products, they expect an experience, why is why the packaging for those products are usually extravagant and as a result, this increases the price. The natural plant extracts add to the increase in price too, as well as the fact that those products are developed by medical professionals such as doctors, dermatologists and scientists, and millions are spent on development, research and clinical testing.

In addition to this, drugstore skincare products are able to be sold in bulk, which significantly reduces the price at which they are sold at.

What do you need?

Before going out to a drugstore, or visiting the website of a luxury skincare product, you should first determine what skin type you have. There are a few skin types, such as oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive. Knowing what skin type you have will help you to determine the product that you need, and having that knowledge will already help you to start spending less on skincare products.

In addition to this, different skin types require different ingredients, and using the incorrect ingredient will actually make any skin problems you’re experiencing worse. For example, if you have dry skin, then you should be using an oil-based moisturizer, and if you have oil skin, you should be avoiding those oil-based products. If you have sensitive skin, you should research ingredients that usually cause breakouts and avoid skincare products that contain them.

You would also probably be better off using less well-known luxury skincare products, as they will have everything you need, at a lower price.

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