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How to Get a Perkier Butt

Most women want a perky butt because it looks sexy and appealing. Aside from that, having strong glutes has other benefits. For example, it can help improve your posture and athletic performance. Plus, it can also support your daily activities, such as walking. So, how do you strengthen your glutes? Here are some exercises to get a perkier butt.

1. Basic Squats

Squats are among the most effective workouts that can lift and strengthen your glutes. To do this exercise, you can start by standing straight. In doing this, you have to make sure that your feet are shoulder-width apart and your toes are facing forward. Afterward, send your hips down. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. Additionally, you should also keep your chest lifted while squatting. From there, lift your back to a standing position. For best results, you can add resistance to your squats by carrying weights.

2. Lunges

Lunges are among the simplest yet most effective exercises to get a perkier butt. You can start by standing straight. Afterward, step your one foot forward and bend until you reach a 90-degree angle. Keep in mind that your rear knee should remain parallel to the floor, while your forward knee should not go beyond your toes. The final step is to lift your lunging knee until return to a standing position.

To avoid getting bored, you can also try other kinds of lunges, such as side lunges and walking lunges. You can also add some resistance by holding a weight in each hand. In doing this, you have to make sure that you’re holding the weights comfortably by your sides to avoid going off-balance.

3. Kickbacks

Another simple exercise to lift and strengthen your glutes is kickbacks. If you’re exercising at home, you can add resistance to your workout by using ankle weights. To do this exercise, start by getting on your hands and knees. Afterward, raise your right leg until your thigh is parallel to the floor. From there, squeeze your glutes, hold that position for a beat, and lower your leg. For best results, you can do this exercise 15 to 20 times on each leg, and repeat the exercise for three rounds.

Final Thoughts

Always remember that to get a flawless butt, you must build your glute muscles. As such, you need to incorporate some weights into your workout routine. Doing this will not only lift your buttocks but strengthen them as well.

For beginners, these are some of the best exercises to get a perkier butt. Once you’re comfortable with the various movements, you can add resistance to get the best results.


Simple Exercises You Can Do for a Perfectly Shaped Butt

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