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How to Find Inner Peace in Your Home

Jesse Golden Shows You How to Make a Sanctuary in Your Home

A great way to step away from the damage of stress and anxiety is to come into your inner peace in your own space. An efficient way to do that is to build a sanctuary in your home. After all, it’s your home, so it’s a place where you can be fully comfortable. So, it should be easy to build a space there where you will feel completely relaxed.

Jesse Golden is here to tell you all about her sanctuary. Jesse assures you that building a sanctuary for yourself doesn’t have to be a religious experience. The key to doing this is building a space where you can step away and check in with yourself to find clarity and peace. In order to do this, you should fill your designated space with things that have special importance to you. In her space, Jesse puts photos or things that represent someone special to her if they need extra love in their lives. Jesse also has sage, sandalwood, mugwort, and incense in her space for smudging. She has chimes, as well, to align her chakras. Finally, she keeps angel cards in her space, which give her clarity through her own subconscious.

What would you put in your sanctuary to help bring you to your inner peace?


Golden Hour – Words of Wisdom by Jesse Golden


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