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How to Find Your Ideal Island Destination in the Caribbean

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A sports craze for the fitness freak

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Grand Cayman

Whether you’re already a true surfing warrior or a complete newbie in the world of watersports, nothing beats the opulence of nature and versatility that the Great Cayman Island has to offer. But for those of you who like to mix things up and enjoy exploring the shore as well, you’ll be happy to hear that they also have incredible hiking trails and bushwalking for all fitness levels.

Make sure to explore your options, from the famous Grand Cayman scuba diving where you’ll get to experience the unique marine life (exotic fish, turtles, and stingrays, here I come!) to kayaking, deep sea fishing, and parasailing. Of course, set aside some time to take the well-known Mastic Trail to visit the two-million-year-old forests, and discover the breathtaking beauty of the lush plant life.

Perfect party spots

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St. Barts

A lesser-known pick for your typical vacation-goers, yet a favorite among party-stars, St. Barts is the Caribbean’s go-to island of ceaseless music, an upbeat culture, and nightlife few islands can top. However, this particular island is also the epitome of pure luxury, meaning that your outings and stay will come at an equally bold price.

You can choose from fine dining establishments, to clubs and bars that are packed until dawn, and keep your camera ready for when you spot a celebrity strutting the streets and beaches of St. Barts. The mix of fresh French chic and the local untamed spirit gives rise to a blend that will give you the perfect amount of energy to relax and party during your stay.

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