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How to Experiment with New Skincare Products

If you are comfortable with your skincare routine, it can be a little intimidating to experiment with new skincare products. But it can also be exciting and worthwhile. Here is the best way to go about it.

Choose Products for Your Skin Type

Everyone’s skin is unique. So, when a friend recommends a certain skincare product because it did wonders for her, the product will not necessarily allow you to achieve the same results. It could even be worse for your skin. Because everyone’s skin is unique, the best skincare treatments for skin conditions like acne and melasma are personalized prescription treatments formulated by dermatologists for your precise skin and needs. You can get a free consultation for your skincare from Nava MD. The main different skin types are:

  • Normal skin, which is healthy and well-balanced.
  • Dry skin, which makes your face feel tight and parched. Dryness can cause flaking of the skin and fine lines.
  • Oily skin, which occurs when you produce an excessive amount of sebum.
  • Combination skin, which is when you have an oily nose, chin, and forehead but normal or dry cheeks.

Once you know what type of skin you have, you can better find products to suit your precise needs. The best way of finding non-prescription skincare products is to read user reviews online from people who have similar skin to yours. 

Get Samples

It can soon become costly when you start experimenting with lots of different skincare products, so a good option is to get free or low-cost samples. It is much easier to try different products when you have them in small amounts, and you will not have to fork out $50 for a 200ml product that you end up never using. So, get samples if you can. 

Know What to Mix and What Not to Mix

Certain skincare products and ingredients work well together. On the other hand, there are some you should not mix. So, become familiar with contra-indications and active ingredients before you start mixing and matching skincare products. For instance, vitamin C and retinoids are great skincare ingredients by themselves, but you should not use them together. If you do, the combination could result in over-exfoliation, which would lead to skin sensitivity. 

Try One Skincare Product at a Time

Just as important as not mixing certain products is not trying more than one new product at a time. It is important you introduce one new skincare product at a time because if you do have a negative reaction, you will know what has caused the breakout, and adding several new products at once could shock your skin.

Perform a Skin Patch Test

When you use new skincare products for the first time, it is recommended you perform skin patch testing to see if your skin reacts negatively. If you have sensitive skin, testing is even more important. It is best to begin by choosing a spot somewhere that is hidden but easily accessible, such as your inner arm. Apply a small amount of the product and do not wash it. If after twenty-four hours, you have had no reaction, try another test closer to your face, such as under your jaw. If there is no reaction after another twenty-four hours, all should be well. 

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