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How to Incorporate Pinterest into Your Weekly Meal Planning

For the times when you are feeling more creative or you just need something different, try looking at Pinterest for some inspiration to spice up your weekly menu.

There’s a joke around town that the “P” in Pinterest stands for “Procrastination”. You can visit the site hoping for inspiration for your next shopping trip and a few minutes later find yourself staring at cute pictures of puppies and over-saturated views of some pretty pond in France. But just like any other activity, your procrastination CAN be controlled. You can actually use Pinterest for its intended function: to collect your favorite things from the internet.
Even though I also use Pinterest to kill time on my commuter train, I mainly use it to keep my weekly menus interesting. Sure, my family has passed down some of their best recipes to me, but generally those are the meals that require a lot of time. By using Pinterest, I have found some really cool recipes that I, otherwise, would have never come across. I have been able to add really innovative meals inspired by many different cuisines to my menu selection that all take under an hour. Check out a few of my favorite recipes below and follow me on Pinterest! I pin new recipes every few days.

Spinach and Quinoa Salad with Avacado and Grapefruit

Peach and Balsamic Pizza

Below is an instagram of mine of the Peach and Balsamic Pizza as well as an Egg and Avacado Pizza!

Grilled Salmon Kebabs

Micro Kale, Cucumber, Tomato, and Avacado Sandwich

Apple Pancakes (apples dipped in pancake batter)


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