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How to Dress Simply and Classy in 2020

2020 is bringing in some exciting new trends while also keeping some of our favorite classic trends alive. For instance, white (or more so the lack of color), various shades of pink, and the color black are in! Urban designs and streetwear are still in. So are simple designs. (Modern, simple, and classy looks will always be in style.) And 2020 style is all about simplicity! Because of this, the brand Off-White will be more popular than ever before in 2020. So, if you’re looking to dress simpler and classier in 2020, be sure to check out Off White’s products.

Off-White was founded in 2012 by designer Virgil Abloh. The brand celebrates youth, innovation, and modern fashion, which explains why they have such a cool, clean style. If you’ve never owned a piece from Off-White, here’s how you can create a classy look for the new year by trying out their pieces.

First, start with an Off-White ribbed t-shirt in either black or white. From there, pair your look with one of their signature sweatshirts. You can play around and choose a hoodie in a multitude of colors or a fuchsia zip track jacket or a classier Off-White black industrial sweater. Any of these warmer layers will do, but the sweatshirts are a great choice, as they are made to be slightly oversized to allow for style and comfort. If you’re looking for a chic idea, pair the Off-White check mini skirt with the Off-White beige Diag sweatshirt. Black arrow low top sneakers would be a great topper for this look, as would the black arrow tote bag.

You could also add more color to your style by choosing a swans mini skirt matched with the red swans sweater. This will add so much youth and urban style to your look.

What we are getting at here is layering! Layering is another big way to make yourself look classically stylish in 2020. You see, layering is the key to having the best outfit in any weather or environment. And the Off-White products are made to be easily layered. If you’re planning on going out in the warm weather, a t-shirt and the right pair of pants or the right skirt offers the perfect look. Having a sweater or sweatshirt with you at all times is crucial, as you can not only warm yourself up if needed, but it also provides you with two outfits instead of one. People will see this singular look as two different looks. This makes layering one of your best style weapons!

Finally, styling your look is the crucial last step to perfecting your simple and classy look. With urban looks such as these, you can take the liberty to use ‘tucking in’ to personalize the look and make it more your own. So, try your Off-White t-shirt on and tuck it in. Then see how it looks untucked. Then go back and see how it holds up with only one side tucked in. Use these little details to make your simple look more your own.

Your style here is key. Own your own personal style and embrace the simple, classy trends of 2020 with Off-White.


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