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How to Do Pintura Highlights on Curly Hair

‘Pintura highlights’ are created from a hair coloring technique that is trending today. It is recommended for women with curly hair who don’t want to make drastic changes on their tresses. Best of all, this technique is not damaging to your strands. So, how do you apply Pintura highlights on curly hair?

What are Pintura Highlights?

Pintura highlights are created by a method wherein the hair colorist individually paints each curl without using foils. By doing this, a light-reflecting highlight that accentuates your hair’s natural movement is created. Additionally, this method can also enhance your hair’s dimension and shine.

Like balayage highlights, Pintura highlights are made from a specific hair-painting technique. The difference is that balayage involves painting large sections of hair. On the other hand, each curl is painted individually in Pintura highlights.

Keep in mind that adding permanent hair color to your strands can cause damage. However, there is less damage with Pintura highlights. Remember, this method doesn’t use extreme heat and foils. As such, much of your hair will be left untouched, making it a healthier hair coloring technique for curly strands.

How to Apply Pintura Highlights on Curly Hair?

Keep in mind that Pintura highlights should be done by a professional. Remember, each curl must be painted individually. As such, you’ll have a hard time doing it, especially once you reach the back of your head.

So, how do you apply Pintura highlights on curly hair? As mentioned, this process involves painting each curl. As such, the colorist must strategically place the hair color on the strands that reflect light. From there, the dye is applied from the tips going upward. Aside from that, in this process, more lightener is applied to the roots rather than the tips and mid-shaft. The final step is to wash your hair after the hair color is fully absorbed.

Keeping Your Highlighted Hair Healthy

Although Pintura highlights are less damaging to your tresses, they can still dehydrate your strands, especially without proper care. To keep your highlighted hair healthy, you should use a sulfate-free shampoo. Additionally, always apply a conditioner after washing your hair. Applying a weekly deep-conditioning mask is also recommended to keep your tresses healthy and shiny.


All in all, Pintura highlights are now gaining popularity around the world. The reason is not only because it produces wonderful results for curly hair. Remember, this coloring technique results in less damage, so it is a healthier option for your curly strands.


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