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How to do French Fashion Right

Effortless style is synonymous with the city of lights, and French women have always been the epitome of high fashion. They have perfected the art of being stylish while staying true to their roots. It’s never about overt glamour, but an attitude that comes from within.

Modern French women are redefining and pushing the boundaries, but a few hallmarks have remained the same for decades. Mastering a few of the fashion rules that these stylish women live by can help you find your style edge.

1. Add One Statement Piece

If you ever feel like your outfit looks bland, a statement piece could be just what you need. The right accessory or piece of clothing can transform your look entirely. Simply, adding a pop of color or an intricately woven scarf can give your look that “je ne sais quoi” it needs. To prevent your statement piece from feeling over the top, keep the rest of your outfit simple. Moderation is key to the natural French style that so many women are after.

2. Keep Accessories Minimal

“Before leaving the house, a lady should look in the mirror and remove one accessory.”

–    Coco Chanel

One of the cardinal rules that stylish French women follow is to never over accessorize. They achieve a subtle sexiness without showing too much skin or piling on too many ‘extras.’ To channel your French vibe, take a subtle approach to adornment and go with minimalist accents. A simple gold necklace, fabulous statement price or dramatic red lip can make you look stylish and polished.

3. Let Your Shoes Do the Talking

French women, especially city-dwellers live in high heels. They have years of navigating cobblestone streets and pull off even the highest stilettos with ease. Wedges are a popular and more comfortable option, and a great pair of boots can see you through winter. French women also love their flats—strappy sandals, loafers, and sleek sneakers are all the rage when the weather is warm.

4. Make Neutrals Work for You

Neutrals are extremely versatile, and French women love their blacks, whites, navy blues and flesh tones. They opt for simple items of clothing that mix-and-match well with each other and can be brightened up with statement pieces. A pair of well-tailored neutral pants and an array of simple blouses are all you need for effortlessly chic looks.

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