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How to determine the perfect size for an engagement ring

While choosing the engagement ring can be a long process, getting a perfect size can also be one. People spend so much time trying to find the perfect ring that they don’t realize they have the ring size. If you plan a big proposal, figure out the ring size before you pop the big question. An engagement ring is the symbol of marriage; people associate it with love and the bond the couple shares. You would not want to wear a loose ring that falls off every time you do the slightest thing. Once you buy a ring that doesn’t fit you, ring resizing is a whole new process and can take a lot of time.

Ring sizing is not a guessing game. You need to have the exact measurements and size of the finger, so you don’t have to guess what will fit. One of the etiquettes of buying an engagement ring is buying the right size.

Basics of ring size:

Several steps can guide you through the whole ring sizing process. This step is essential because you don’t want to break your heart in the future if your ring goes down the drain or gets lost while you are doing some work. Here we will walk through different things that affect ring size.

  • Consider the environment: The size of fingers changes over time. Factors such as temperature, pregnancy, diet, and biological elements affect ring sizes. Depending on these factors, your ring size might change from time to time, but it doesn’t mean you will never be able to wear your ring again. Even if these factors affect your ring size, it will always return to normal.
  • Finger shape: Ring sizes vary from finger to finger. Some people have broad fingers, while others have snug fingers that are a little thinner toward the end. Jewelers suggest having the perfect fit for snug fingers so that the ring doesn’t fall off when worn. 
  • Band width: Rings have different styles. While some rings have smaller petite bands, others have wider bands. Thicker rings often have a snug fit than other rings. If you want an engagement ring with a thin band, choose a size smaller than your actual size so that the ring fits perfectly.

When to measure ring size?

Ring measurement should be taken under the right circumstances in the right weather. Hot weather can make your fingers swell, so you won’t be able to get an accurate size in warm weather. The best time to get the finer size is when the temperature is average, and you are not under any stress or tension. In the middle of the day, your body temperature is average, and your fingers are also of standard size, so try your best to get your ring size then.

Timeless jewelry pieces are only bought once, which is why getting the right size for the ring is the most critical step in the entire process.

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