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How To Design Mother Of The Bride And Groom Outfits

Weddings are happy moments for everyone, particularly the mothers of the bride and groom, who finally get to see their children joined in matrimony. Being such an important day, these special mothers need to dress to express their emotions and stand out as important figures at the wedding.

Although the bride is supposed to be the best dressed for the occasion, the outfits for the mothers of the bride and groom also need to be elegant, fit for the occasion, and be within the right budget. While some such mothers prefer to get ready-to-wear outfits from renowned places like Ann Balon Outfits & Dresses, others prefer to design theirs or get custom-made designs.

For those who want to design their outfits or make specifications for custom-made designs, here are things to consider and work on when designing outfits for the bride and groom’s mothers.

1. Consider The Fabric

The mothers of the bride and groom should wear outfits fit for their prestigious positions as mothers. A great way to highlight that is by designing an outfit with the right fabric that shows quality, with the objective of beautifying and complimenting the mothers without outshining the occasion’s real celebrants.

To get the right fabric, you have to consider the season and time. For instance, light-weight fabrics like lace, silk, satin, and cotton would be better for a summer wedding than heavy fabrics. 

2. Create A Unique Style

Getting the right style for the mothers of the bride and groom require understanding precisely what the mothers want and blending it with the latest trends in vogue. The style creation should focus on the length of the outfit, the patterns, designs to be employed, and other add-ons.

It’s essential to stick to a simple yet elegant style that’s easy on the eyes. This is because the mothers of the bride and groom will be serving as hosts of the day. Therefore, they would need outfits that are easy to move in without extra help and wardrobe selections that are befitting the role of a host.

Popular outfit styles for the bride and groom’s mothers often include the straight, elegant floor-length gowns with a flawless fitting that accentuates the form but doesn’t restrict movement. However, they aren’t limited to this style, though, as they could also consider long, free, or ball-like gowns, elegant and smart trouser suits or pantsuits, mid-length dinner dresses, peplum dresses, formal dresses, and other style befitting of the occasion.

3. Use The Right Color

When designing any outfit, choosing the right color contributes to the overall look at the end of the day. To make your choice, you can select from the occasion’s color palette theme designated by the bride and groom. This is because most times, the mothers of the bride and groom wear the exact shade of the chosen color of the day just like the bridesmaids, or wear a tone within the color theme.

In cases where the mothers of the bride and groom wish to wear a different color, it’s advisable to wear a mild, soft tone that complements their skin and doesn’t call too much attention or distract the attention of the guests away from the couple. 

4. Choose The Right Embellishments And Accessories

Another important feature to consider when designing a wedding outfit for the mothers of the groom and bride is accessories and embellishments. Choosing the right ones could help you transform your outfit and look for that special day. There are numerous accessory ideas to try. Some of these include the use of fascinators, scarves, and brooches to complement the outfit, and using the right jewelry, clutch or purse, and shoes to enhance the overall look.

Besides, if the chosen outfit will be long, it should be at a reasonable floor length; otherwise, a little below the knee is perfect. Avoid overly-embellished styles that suffocate and distract. Instead, use simple sequins and beads. For fabrics that already come with elaborate patterns, no need for extra add-ons to maintain formality and beauty.


Designing outfits for the mothers of the bride and groom requires putting many things into consideration to achieve the perfect style. As the hosts of the day, the elated and ecstatic mothers must combine elegance with simplicity and grace. Achieving this look might sound quite impossible at first, but it’s not difficult to attain. Some of the important things to consider when designing this look include fabric type, color theme, style, length, accessories, and embellishments. Following the tips above could help you create an outfit that’s befitting for the bride and groom’s mothers.

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