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How To Dab Like A Pro

Dabbing is one of the most popular methods of taking cannabis. The risks of fatalities are minimal because of the concentrated levels of THC. But, there’s a likelihood of someone being extremely high to the extent they start feeling uncomfortable. 

In addition, even though it involves inhaling smoke, it reduces exposure to the extra harmful material weed disposes into your lungs. This is why it’s better than smoking. So, whether you’re a regular dabber or a beginner, you must master the requisite skills to perfect your dabbing. With that in mind, here are six tips on how to dab like a pro:

1. Do It At Lower Temperatures

The temperatures at which you dab determine your overall feeling and experience. When the temperatures are very high, you may feel a burning sensation in your mouth, making you cough, and this means your lungs may suffer, too. Some side effects you’re also likely to experience are chest congestion and nausea. 

On the other hand, if the temperatures are low, your lungs may not suffer damage since terpenes are preserved at these temperatures. Furthermore,  lower temperatures preserve flavor and make you comfortable while dabbing. However, you must be aware that dabbing at low temperatures requires time for the concentrate to cool, and you shouldn’t be in a rush. 

2. Have The Right Tools

You must confirm if you have all the equipment to make your dabbing sessions exciting. Some standard materials you need are dab nails, water, carb cap, cotton swabs, isopropyl alcohol, torch, dabber, the concentrate you like, and traditional or electronic dab rigs

On top of these, you need to purchase gloves to help you hold the dab rig because the concentrate oils are very slippery and may cause you to accidentally drop your precious rig. Also, if you touch the oil with your bare hands, you may transfer bacteria from your skin to the oil, contaminating your concentrate. Thus, gloves are essential.  

3. Learn Advanced Dabbing Techniques

Being a pro at dabbing begins by learning advanced techniques. You can do a quick check online to see what pros do. Alternatively, you can learn from your friends who are good at it. Some of the techniques you can follow to dab like a pro are:

  • Assess your nail: Check if it’s well-fastened to the rig. This is to avoid any possibility of burning or having to adjust when you’re in the middle of dabbing.
  • Prepare your dab and rig: Put the correct amount of concentrate in the dabber. Excess cannabis may give you undesirable side effects, like paranoia.
  • Heat the nail: Use a torch to heat the nail until it glows red. Alternatively, if you’re using an e-nail, ensure you give it enough time to warm up. 
  • Take your time: Give it time to cool for a tranquil smoking experience; if it’s too hot, it may make it unpleasant. 
  • Cover with a carb cap: That’s in case you’re using it to control the airflow. 
  • Inhale the concentrate slowly

4. Use High-Quality Concentrates

High-quality concentrates aren’t that easy to find. In actual fact, you’re more likely to stumble upon low-quality concentrates more often. However, if you’d like to dab like a pro, you must put in the extra effort to source premium quality concentrates.

Start by identifying reputable stores that stock your favorite flavors. Confirm their manufacturing procedures and standards, certifications, and licensing. Also, reading online reviews from previous buyers will enable you to gauge a store’s trustworthiness.

Some licensed dispensaries also sell these concentrates. You can find them in different forms, such as shatter, pull and snap, rosin, live resin, hash, budder cutter, Iso-snap, sauce, crumble, honey mat, and crystalline. 

5. Don’t Take A Huge Dab

Dabbing has a more substantial effect than smoking. The effects also vary from one person to another. Thus, if you take in large quantities, you may experience adverse side effects that can spoil your whole experience. Keep in mind that these concentrates are much more potent than weed. To this end, ensure you inhale slowly. There’s no rush to it, after all.

6. Clean Your Dab Tools Frequently

Cleanliness is crucial to dabbing as a pro. If there’s any residue of the previous concentrate you used, it may mix with the new one and spoil its taste. So, always clean your equipment after using it.

Some of the methods you can use for cleaning include:

  • Heating the nail with a torch to remove any concentrate that’s still left behind
  • Soaking the nail in alcohol for about ten minutes and wiping it
  • Using a Q-tip to absorb the oil that’s left while it’s still wet 


Dabbing is one of the popular techniques for smoking cannabis. It doesn’t have to be boring and repetitive. Follow the pro tips highlighted above to reinvigorate your dabbing sessions. Explore the different blowing tricks you see online or among your crew. There are no complex rules defining what you should or shouldn’t do. Employ your creativity and make the most of your dabbing sessions. 

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