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How to Create Wavy Hair Without Heat

All the heat protectants out there still can’t save our hair from the damage we’re causing it. It’s just inevitable. Straightening and curling your hair day in and day out is going to have an effect. Now, we can try to preach to you about how you need to stop heat styling your hair, but the truth is some of us have the misfortune of natural hair that needs to be styled. Wavy hair just doesn’t happen overnight.

While we can try to minimize the use of heat, the truth is we rely on it far too much. That’s why we’re all about simple methods to style your hair without heat. It may seem impossible, but the truth is that how you treat your hair the second you get out of the shower can allow it to dry naturally into a specific style. Our favorite has to be heatless wavy hair. Waves can easily be achieved without the help of a curling tong. Here are some of our top tips on creating wavy hair without heat!

Smooth Things Out

Before we get into the methods, it’s important to make sure your hair is prepped for the style. There are few in and out of shower steps you can take to help the process along.

To start with, wash your hair strategically! If you suffer from dry ends then make sure to focus your shampoo right at your roots. Washing your hair all the way through will only further dry things out.

The same goes for conditioner- focus it right at the ends of your hair. Piling conditioner onto your roots is only going to weigh your hair down and leave it looking greasy. Keep your conditioner where you need!

While your hair is still wet and freshly washed, it’s important to apply some sort of oil to smooth things out. Wavy hair especially looks best when your hair is smooth and shiny, so use anything from argan to coconut oil!

Our last trick? Don’t brush your hair! When you brush your wet hair it can cause breakage and lead to extra frizz. Instead, brush your hair before you wash it so that it remains detangled and smooth after!

The French Way

Have you ever noticed how whenever you undo a braid your hair has a naturally wavy look to it? Well, why not do it on purpose! Braiding your wet hair as soon as you get out of the shower is the easiest and quickest way to achieve heatless wavy hair.

Put your hair into a french braid and keep it in until your hair looks completely dry. This may take a while, but it’s okay because your hair will look styled anyway! Once your hair is dry, undo the french braid and brush through your hair with your fingers. You’ll instantly have beach waves!

Depending on how curly you want the wavy hair to look, do more braids! If you want a natural wavy look then stick to one, but do two french braids if you want more bounce and volume!

Throwback Twists

You all remember those long bendy rollers that were all the rage in the eighties? Well, they never left and they’re about to be your new best friends. Thin rollers were in for a reason- they work!

Instead of heat styling your hair, twist your hair up into hair twists and leave it for a couple of hours. Don’t sleep in them like people used to back in the day, a few hours is all it’ll take to give your hair some natural kinks that leave it looking wavy!


Natural No Heat Hair Styles: Say Goodbye to Braids

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