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How to Change Your Mindset and Choose a Cleaner Lifestyle

The key to great skin that never seems to age is to master your preventative care early on in life. Starting in your early 20s, or even teens, we’re starting to see young girls pick up anti-aging products, brightening serums, and heavy-duty moisturizers. When they’re 45, they want to look 25, right? But what they don’t know is that the products that are made most easily available to them, in terms of proximity and price, are the most hazardous options they could choose.

Think about what brands are advertised to them: Maybelline, Sephora, Covergirl, the list goes on. Because the prices on their products are below $15, teens can afford them; but it also means that the companies can make them for mere cents on the dollar making the ingredients involved incredible harmful. Some of the “moisturizers” ironically include drying agents and some of the “natural” products have nothing natural in them. If they were to keep using these products for the next 25 to 30 years, they would be doing more harm than good. Their skin could be dryer, have uneven skin tone, and they would have ingested reproductive toxins or other carcinogens. Isn’t that the EXACT opposite of what they’re hoping for? Of what we’re all hoping for?

Major brands and corporations are starting to realize that Americans are becoming smarter about their skincare and cosmetics choices, so they’re starting to advertise that they’re “organic” and “natural” and they still are not. Even Neutrogena’s new natural line, Neutrogena Naturals, still have some chemicals that can cause organ system toxicity and they all still have a “fragrance” which means that there can still be parabens or other toxins in the product that they don’t have to disclose, as fragrances are considered a protected trade secret.


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