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How to Best Use Witch Hazel in Your Beauty Routine

Natural beauty ingredients and DIY home remedies have been raved about for ages and ages, and understandably so. Some people have even stripped down their entire skincare routine to natural products only. Sometimes, it really is all you need. Natural ingredients such as witch hazel, aloe vera, and essential oils really can do it all. They have healing and soothing properties that work to better countless skin issues. We’re here to talk all about one of these ingredients and let you know how you can incorporate it into your beauty routine!

What is Witch Hazel?

Witch hazel is plant that has been used for centuries. It is known for its healing and soothing abilities,but it is most commonly found in the form of witch hazel extract. Witch hazel extract comes from the bark and the leaves of the plant. Active properties are extracted from the leaves and distilled to produce witch hazel extract. The properties in this extract work as a natural astringent and to soak up excess oil.

What Skin Types Need Witch Hazel

As you may have extracted from the paragraph above, Witch Hazel is pretty ideal for the many struggles that Oilier/Combination skin types face. Witch hazel extract is an ingredient commonly used in acne-targeting products as it’s an astringent which can sooth and heal your breakouts, while also removing the excess oil from your skin to prevent future breakouts. Its anti-inflammatory properties are also great to calm redness and texture on your skin.

How to Use Witch Hazel Extract

  • Toner -The most common use of Witch Hazel is as a skin toner. Apply some pure witch hazel extract onto a cotton pad and pat it onto your face after cleansing. This will beat the most expensive toner you own, it removes excess oil and really calms your skin after being stripped by a cleanser.
  • Spot Treatment -As we’ve covered, this ingredient works miracles for acne-prone skin. It’s ability to soothe and calm breakouts make this a perfect spot treatment. Applying this directly onto a breakout will speed up the healing process, and most importantly it’ll do so without leading to scarring in the future.
  • Makeup Remover –Yes, you read that right! Witch Hazel comes in a liquid/watery form and it works wonders when it comes to removing makeup. It’s gentle on your skin and works to really break down your makeup easily. You can either use it on a cotton pad or go directly on to your skin with this!
  • Skin Refresher– Similarly to rose water, witch hazel can also be put into a spray bottle and used as a skin refresher throughout the day. Spritzing it onto your face to cool you down or refresh your skin can keep your skin hydrated while also balancing the oil on your skin!
  • Stretch Marks Diminisher- We know, at this point it is getting crazy how much this one ingredient can achieve. Well, it turns out that applying this helps fade stretch marks super fast. It’s soothing and healing properties can help heal the tears in your skin. If you’re pregnant, this is especially great to use to prevent getting any stretch marks. Just rub this onto your stomach every night to keep your skin soft and toned while also preventing stretch marks!
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