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How to Become an Excellent Swimmer Before Going on Your Summer Vacation

There are people who are simply not huge fans of any sports or any form of physical activity, however, they still somehow enjoy swimming. And who can blame them since there are numerous benefits to it?

For starters, it builds endurance, positively impacts your entire cardiovascular fitness, and strengthens your muscles. This is without a doubt a great workout for your whole body and overall well-being.

However, if you’ve noticed lately that you’re not too good at this and you would like to take the necessary steps to improve your swimming techniques, then take a look at these tips below that will help you accomplish that.

Have Some Swimming Lessons

If you’re an adult, then I assume that you probably think that you are way too old for swimming lessons. But that’s far from the truth. Keep in mind that you are never too old for any swim lesson and that you should perceive it as a tool that’s going to help you in various ways, not just to improve your swimming technique. Apart from that, as I previously stated, swimming is a phenomenal exercise.

It trains your whole body, and simultaneously, increases your flexibility. And that’s not everything. Different studies have concluded in the past that those who decide to enhance their swimming skills can effectively ward off cognitive decline, like Alzheimer’s disease, dementia, etc.

This just goes to show that precisely this type of physical activity can make some positive changes in your mental health too. And it really doesn’t take too much. Up for forty-five minutes per day (two or three times a week) can increase your brain volume.

Swim As Often As You Can

Just like with most things in life, here you must also focus on establishing a certain routine in order to get better. I know it’s much more “convenient” to turn into a couch potato who doesn’t really exercise a lot (which is not very healthy), however, if you want to become a better swimmer, and at the same time, be in a better shape, then this must be incorporated into your weekly/daily routine.

Even if you’re not in the mood for it, or you notice that it’s raining outside (like it’s the end of the world), find some motivation in yourself and get off the couch. If you swim at least two times per week, you will quickly notice how you’re getting better at this and you won’t have to worry about how you’ll lose your swimming technique.

Wade In

Unless you live near the ocean/sea, I assume that you haven’t swum in a while, hence it wouldn’t be wise to immediately set some unrealistic goals right in the beginning. Instead, you should take your time and focus on the goals that are more achievable.

Even if you’re generally great at other sports, it still doesn’t mean that you should force yourself, particularly if you haven’t swum for a longer period of time. That’s precisely why you should begin slow in the water.

For starters, it would be great if you floated on your stomach just to get yourself familiar with the weightless sensation. In addition, you should also wear flippers because they are going to help you slide through the water.

You Shouldn’t Lift Your Head So You Can Breathe

I know that this is a common mistake among beginners, but that’s definitely not a strategy that you should be implementing when it comes to this. Precisely this move is going to cause your legs and hips to drop.

So what are you supposed to do then? It would be much better if you rolled to the side and, at the same time, turned your head a bit so that your mouth can leave the water. You’ll get a feeling as if your head is resting on the surface and then you should turn it to the side so you can breathe.

Actually, the best thing that you can do in these types of situations is to have one eye below the water, while the other one is above it. However, do not beat yourself up if you do not manage to do this right away. Something like this requires lots of time and practice.

Your Entire Body Should Be Working Together

If you’ve ever watched professional swimmers, then you’ve probably noticed that their legs, arms, and torsos work together like perfectly synchronized machines. At first glance, (if you’re not familiar with this sport) you may even think that they do not invest a lot of effort into this.

But that’s nothing but an optical illusion. This looks effortlessly because these swimmers employ their bodies in the most effective way. And that’s something that can be accomplished only with practice.

Bear in mind that the position of your body must be straight, from your head to the hips so it can easily turn into each stroke to become more powerful. Make sure to keep your head low as much as you can because precisely something like this is going to lower the strain on your shoulders and neck.

And you’ll see in time how swimming is no longer challenging as it was when you were just getting started. The only time you’re supposed to tilt your head is when you need to breathe. You must utilize both your hands and arms like paddles to pull your body through the water. 

But what about your legs? I would suggest you keep your leg muscles taut and be sure your feet are flexible so they can behave like fins. If by any chance, your feet aren’t flexible enough, then you should obtain a solid pair of swimming fins because they will help you boost your swimming performance.

Furthermore, faster and smaller kicks can be very effective, due to the fact that this strategy provides your whole body with stability while you are swimming in the water.

Keep in mind that no progress can happen overnight, no matter how great you are. However, what I can tell you right now is that with the help of these tips, you’ll drastically enhance your swimming techniques.

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