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How to Be Spiritually in Tune

All of us- from all different walks of life- have seen that spiritually-in-tune person once or twice in our lives. It’s a rare sight to behold: someone completely connected to their greater self. Someone who seems to be positive through it all, who goes with the flow, and who does so effortlessly. Naturally, being spiritually in tune is much harder said than done, especially in our world where there is so much chaos and stimuli. But it is not an impossible task. Here we are going to talk about what it means to be spiritually in tune and how we can begin to accomplish this task with baby steps, one day a time.

Being Spiritually in Tune

Being spiritually in tune means having a deeper connection to the universe. It’s being open to energies and messages that come from something other than our five senses. You know that feeling you have where you can feel that something is going to happen before it does? And then when it happens, you think, “I knew that was going to happen!”? That’s because you listened to your intuition. Our intuition is with us all the time, we just choose to ignore it more often than not. Our society is so based on visual, audio, and sensory stimuli that we get sucked into what is happening around us every day rather than what is happening within us. Being spiritually in tune means that we are paying equal attention to what is happening within ourselves despite what is happening on the outside world around us. This is harder said than done. But being spiritually in tune can leave us in the most peaceful of moods with the physical world coming down around us. It’s an understanding that the physical world is malleable and changeable while the spiritual world is what is very real and very strong.

When we are spiritually in tune, our Chakras are open. We may feel looser and more relaxed. Our perception of this world might be a little cloudy. In other words, you may accidentally switch words or confuse things that are normal to this physical world. Lights may seem brighter. We may feel a strange sensation or a looseness at the top of our head. But we will notice our feelings, intuitions, and energy, and this will help guide us throughout the day. And it will only get stronger with practice.

How To Help Yourself Get There

Becoming spiritually in tune takes years of practice. But it’s the baby steps that we practice each day that really make a difference and help us get there. Here are a few exercises that can help get you become more spiritually in tune day by day. I recommend doing these exercises each day. Or, at least, 3-4 times per week.

Mindfulness- The very first step to becoming more spiritually in tune is to pay attention to every detail of your existence. The more we notice every little detail both within us and around us, the easier it is to find and listen to your intuition. This type of meditation is called “Mindfulness”. When practicing mindfulness, find somewhere comfortable to sit. Close your eyes and start by listening to every sound that is happening around you, from every sound near by to every sound off in the distance. Once you have experienced every sound, begin checking in with yourself. Scan your whole body. How do you feel today? Notice how each part of your body feels from your head to your ears to your neck down to your toes. Check in and feel how you are feeling emotionally. Know every detail of what is going on within you. And then begin to breath. Just exist and breath. Don’t allow any thoughts to distract you- instead just be completely and fully present. If a thought comes up, carefully just note it and direct it away. To help with this, try saying (in your mind only) “inhale” as you inhale, fully experiencing your breath, and “exhale” as you focus fully on breathing out. Just learning to exist in the present moment and doing it daily is the first step to being more spiritually in tune.

Practice Listening to Your Intuition- The next step to being spiritually in tune is to practice listening to your intuition. Feel open, feel as if you are shedding any blocks, and most importantly, be confident in yourself. Look within yourself and see if you have any messages trying to float to the surface. If not, try to practice using your intuition by something as simple as flipping a coin and saying, “heads or tails”. Make your best guess where the coin will land, and you may be surprised how accurate you are when you are open. Become more confident with yourself by doing this, and then try again to just listen to your inner self and see if there’s anything you need or any important business that comes to your mind. Learning to listen to your intuition is a hard skill many get training in, but you can eventually master this, and it helps you become incredibly in tune.

Try it in Life- Applying your mindfulness and listening skills in life is what completes your practice and makes you spiritually in tune. If you live constantly observant of both your physical surroundings and what’s happening within yourself, then congratulations! You’ve made it there. This again takes years of practice. But by applying this in your life, you can focus on every detail around you as you live, as you won’t be living in your head. You will feel every sensation in your body as you go to sit down- the chair against your back, what it feels like to move your body from sitting to standing- things the average person won’t notice. And you will be perceptive of you higher self, so you will have confidence that you are on the right path for yourself. This way, when things become chaotic in the outside world, you can react with grace and understanding.

All in all, this is a journey that will take years of hard work. But the journey is well worth it, allowing you to fully and completely understand yourself, something we all should strive for.  


How to Be More Spiritual

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