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How to Be Charming and Personable Even If You’re Not Feeling It

Most people think that charismatic people are born charming, but that is not always the case. In fact, you can learn to be charming and personable. Once you know the secrets of being a charismatic person, people will be drawn to you even if you’re not in the mood. To give you a better view, here are some ways to be charming and personable even if you’re not feeling it.

1. Be Friendly

One of the admirable traits of charismatic people is that they know how to present themselves to others. To be specific, they have a friendly demeanor that will draw other people towards them. The reason is that they let their personalities shine. One of the best ways to act friendly is to smile even at strangers. When conversing with others, you should always make eye contact. Of course, you should also be comfortable with your own skin. Even if you’re not feeling it, as long as you’re confident about yourself, people will find you charming and personable.

2. Ditch Your Devices

One of the best ways to be charming and personable is to ditch all your devices, especially if there’s a person in front of you. Remember, a charismatic person will give his full attention when conversing with another person. By doing this, you’re being attentive and respectful, which are admirable traits.

Today, a lot of people spend more time on social media. Instead of doing this, you can mingle with real people and build real relationships. Remember, technology has its place and time. If you want to be charming and personable, you should interact more with real people.

3. Be Balanced and Reliable

Always remember that people will avoid you if you are unpredictable and if you have fluctuating moods. Keep in mind that being gloomy, moody, and short-tempered will only drive people away from you. So, you must control your feelings and emotions. Of course, all of us will have a bad day. If this happens, you can give yourself some space, but don’t let the negative feeling control you. Even if you’re feeling down, you can still nod and smile when someone greets you.

4. Don’t Take Life too Seriously

The last on this list of ways to be charming and personable is to enjoy your life. Remember, a lot of individuals don’t like people who take life too seriously. Instead, they want to around with people who have a sense of humor. By having this trait, people will let their guards down when they’re around you because they know that they will have fun.


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