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How to Appropriately Respond to the Dumb Things Men Say Instead of the Truth

There are times when men can be ignorant on how to properly communicate to women. Even if their only intention is to be nice, they can often sound more rude trying to skirt around the truth.

So how do you respond to your man’s rude comments? And how do you decode his confusing guy code? Here’s how.



When was the last time you went to the gym?

Translation: You’re looking out of shape and overweight. I don’t find you as attractive as before.

Response: I’ll go to the gym when I’m ready.
And just to let you know, you’re not exactly sporting a six pack either.


Why do you wear so much makeup?

Translation: I want you to look like you came off the pages of a magazine, but want you to still look like there is no makeup on your face and 100% natural.

Response: I wear makeup the way I want it because it pleases me. I don’t wear makeup for you or anyone else.


Are you really going to wear that?

Translation: I don’t want to be with a girl who dresses too slutty.

Response: I like this dress and I think it looks good on me.


I love you for your personality.

Translation: I love you for your personality, but I still want you to be HOT!

Response: Thank you, and hopefully you think I’m beautiful, too!


If you say, “How do you like my new hairstyle?” and he says, “It’s OK.”

Translation: I don’t like it.

Response: Well, I love it and it makes me feel great!


Can I help with dinner?

Translation: I’m hungry!

Response: Sure, or should we grab sushi?


Do you want to hang sometime?

Translation: I don’t want to date you, but you can come over and cook me dinner and have sex.

Response: I don’t “hang”. If you want to invite me to dinner, that’s one thing; but “hanging” is not something I do.


I’m not mad.

Translation: I’m mad.

Response: OK, do you want to talk about it?


I like a girl who loves to eat.

Translation: You can eat whatever you want as long as you don’t turn into a fatty.

Response: Great, because I love indulging my senses and that includes eating!


I’m responding now because I just saw your text.

Translation: I saw your text hours ago, but I didn’t feel like dealing with you then.

Response: I’m not stupid. If you don’t think it’s important to respond to me, I don’t think it is important for you to be in my life.


What dumb things have men said to you? Sound off in the comments!


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