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How to Apply False Lashes to Make Your Eyes Pop

Candace Kita Shows You How to Apply False Lashes to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

If you’re anything like me, you have trouble putting on false eyelashes. There’s definitely a science to getting them onto your eye in the perfect position. Once on, however, they look stunning. So, it is a key tool to know exactly how to apply them the correct way. Thankfully, Candace Kita is here to show you the right way to apply false eyelashes that is sure to make your eyes pop!

Candace’s Steps to Achieving the False-Lash Look:

  • Use KAT Lash. (Candace uses Milady in the above video.)
  • Before adding glue, bend the eyelash so it fits your eye better.
  • Then apply the glue, making sure you have enough so it will easily stick to your eye.
  • Blow on the glue so it dries a bit before applying the eyelash.
  • While the glue is “tacky” in consistency, apply it on your lid as close as you can to your lash-line.
  • Wait one full minute with your eye closed for the lash to properly dry.
  • Apply two coats of mascara to blend your eyelashes in with the false lash.



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