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How To Afford Designer Clothing

When you’re window-shopping at branded stores or flipping through fashion magazines, sometimes, you can’t help but feel the desire to wear one of these designer clothing someday. After all, designer clothes are items that are often known as stylish, high-quality, and are always the newest designs. However, if you look at the price tag, it also comes with a hefty price that might discourage you from buying that item. So, you may be forced to settle down on buying low-quality clothes you don’t really want.   

Fortunately, there are techniques to help you afford designer clothing without breaking your bank accounts. You also don’t necessarily have to be rich or make a thousand-dollar salary to fill your closet with designer items. It’s all about knowing the right strategy that could help you score deals on designer clothes.   

Here are some steps you must try to help you afford designer clothing and items without feeling guilty about it:

Head To Pre-loved Designer Item Stores   

An excellent way to afford designer clothing without going over budget is to purchase pre-loved or used designer items. You can head out to the nearest pre-loved designer stores in your area or, better yet, find some of the luxury consignment fashion shops on the internet. These stores often focus on selling used luxury women designer clothes, handbags, accessories, and shoes for a much lesser price than the original.  

If you love a specific brand, you can simply type the brand name on the site’s search bar, and it’ll show you all clothes, bags, and shoes under that brand. In exchange, if you have used but still good-quality designer clothing in your closet, you can sell it to the luxury consignment store and get a percentage of the profit. Then, you can use the money to buy new sets of used designer clothes.

Check Out Closeout Stores  

Generally, designer stores release new sets of clothing every season. However, once the season is over and they’re about to release another batch of trendy clothes, they remove the leftover clothes from last season. Then, they send them to closeout stores and sites to be sold at almost half of their original prices. So, if you don’t mind buying and wearing last-season designer clothes, you can check out physical closeout stores or browse on closeout sites for the brands you like. This is also a perfect chance to wear unique and rare designer pieces that others may not find from the original retailer.   

Borrow Or Rent From Your Favorite Brands  

Do you have a forthcoming special event, and you’d like to wear a designer outfit that’ll make you look rich while on a budget? Instead of buying designer clothing for a very high price, you can try borrowing the dress from your favorite brand. Many designer brands allow their customers to borrow their accessories or clothes for an affordable monthly fee. This is also a perfect way to save money from buying expensive clothes that you’ll only likely wear once.   

Some designer stores or sites may also offer you multiple payment plans to choose from, depending on how long you’ll be borrowing the item. Some designer stores can even give you discounts and free shipping for your favorite things if you sign up for a membership. This idea is also a great opportunity for you to try out different designer items and have an ever-revolving closet without breaking your budget.

Wait For Designer Items To Be On Sale 

You’ve probably heard the saying, ‘those who wait, win.’ You can apply that motto if you’d like to afford designer clothing. Many designer shoppers don’t actually buy clothes when they’re newly released in the stores. What they do is they take note of that specific item they’re eyeing and wait for months until the said item goes on sale or if it’s finally available in consignment stores. 

Meanwhile, if you want to buy that designer item the instant it’s released, your best option is to save up for it. 

Browse Auction Websites  

Auction websites are also a great place to find affordable designer clothing. Usually, designer items sold on these sites are either slightly used or out-of-season. However, unlike luxury consignment shops that focus on selling clothes, most auction stores sell plenty of random items, which means it may take you some time before you can find something you really want.  

What’s more, they also sell one item at a time in one size and color, which means you’ll only have fewer options to choose from. So, if you wish to shop for designer clothing from auction sites, take your time to check different stores until you can find one that sells clothes from your favorite brand. Most importantly, don’t forget to check their return policy before finalizing your purchase, as most of them don’t allow returns and refunds. 

Save For Luxury Things 

For shoppers who’d like to buy brand-new and latest designer clothing, your best option to afford it is to save money for it. Just make sure you prioritize spending money on essential matters. Then, if you’re able to save extra cash after taking care of your primary needs, you can buy designer items without feeling guilty. Furthermore, when shopping for designer clothing, don’t forget to stick to your budget and avoid getting distracted by things you don’t really need. 

Shop For Designer Clothing The Smart Way

As you see, buying designer items is more accessible than most people think. Shopping for designer clothing doesn’t necessarily have to be hard for your wallet. Just ensure that you only splurge on luxury items that you genuinely love so you can make the most of it for a long time.

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