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How To Adapt To Tiny Home Living

Tiny homes have become a big trend in the US in recent years. You only have to look at the millions of Instagram posts, a huge internet following, and a growing number of TV and documentaries. But tiny homes are more than just a passing trend. In recent years, tiny home living has become a popular minimalist lifestyle with obvious eco-friendly and money-saving benefits. There are now more than 10,000 tiny homeowners in North America enjoying a simpler life. So, how does downsizing to a tiny home work in reality? Here are some essential tips to help you adapt to living in a tiny home.

Prioritize What’s Important

With the average American home storing 300,000 possessions, you aren’t going to be able to fit everything you currently have into a tiny home. Therefore, you’ll have to decide what’s important to you. For instance, if lying on the couch watching TV at the end of a hard day is important to you, then you’ll likely want a full-sized couch and need to build around it. That may mean you have to lose the coffee table or large bookcase. Tiny homes are about focusing on what’s important, which will inevitably mean decluttering and making compromises.

Be Creative With Storage

When you live in a tiny home, storage is your best friend. Regular storage takes up a lot of valuable floor space, but there are potential space-saving storage areas everywhere if you just look hard enough and are prepared to get creative. Utilize the space hidden underneath the staircase by adding some cabinet storage, opt for mirrored bathroom cabinets with face-level storage. You can even get a custom couch that has drawers, install underfloor storage, and line the walls and hallway with shelving to maximize the space. 

Maximize Your Outdoor Space

Making the most of any outdoor space you have is important for tiny home living. Depending on the climate where you are, you can use this space as your dining and even living room. That way you can maximize the space inside for your kitchen, bathroom, and bedroom. Decking out the outdoor space to create an outdoor lounge and dining area is ideal if you enjoy entertaining friends during the summer. But it also gives you somewhere else to go if you are feeling confined by the small space, especially as you adapt to tiny home living.

Be Organized

Even if you have had a huge purge of your possessions and got rid of a lot of stuff, you do need to be tidy and organized when you live in a tiny home. Making sure everything has a place is crucial. Designate a place for everything you own and make sure you always put an item back where it belongs. Invest in organizers that help you keep everything in order whether it’s fold-down fabric shelves, boxes, canisters, spice racks, and knife racks. When living in tight quarters you need to be tidy so put everything away as soon as it’s finished with. It will help to keep you sane.

Switching to living in a tiny home can take a little getting used to. But by thinking ahead about your lifestyle, getting rid of all those possessions you don’t need, being creative with storage, always tidying up, and maximizing your outdoor area you can really make a success of tiny home living. 

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