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How to Achieve Success in the Entertainment Industry Despite Constant Rejection

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A job in the Entertainment Industry is one of the most exciting and glamorous occupations you can have.
And because of this, there is a tremendous amount of competition in this line of work. Everyone wants to become a star, but it takes a lot of talent and perseverance to become successful in Hollywood.


Whether you dream of becoming an actor, model, comedian, reporter or host, you face daily rejection. So how do you keep on track with your career in the face of defeat? Here are a few ways to manage your career in one of the most challenging, yet rewarding, occupations in the world.

  1. Don’t rely completely on your representation. It is important to be proactive in this type of career. Don’t leave it up to your representation to take care of everything for you. Instead, do 5 things each day for your career. For example, make certain your information on casting sites is up to date and correct. Also, take the time to check in with your representation to see if they need anything. When was the last time you stopped in their office or offered to take them to lunch? Have you attended a new class or seminar?
    Also, don’t forget to network, network and network!


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