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How Sexist is Our Skincare?

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Have you ever asked yourself why all of your first skincare and hygiene products were in pastel packaging? Did you ever notice what buzzwords they used to entice you to buy them? It’s time to take a closer look.

If you’ve been a beauty lover since day one, you were ecstatic to buy your “first” everything: deodorant, eyeshadow, and even hair removal creme. At that age, you don’t look at the packaging. Most likely, you gravitated towards the prettiest design or the one with the girl on it that you most wanted to emulate.

Now that you’re older, take another walk down these aisles and see what you can spot.

How Sexist is Teen Skincare? - viva glam magazine-teen spirit
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Teen Spirit by Lady Speed Stick is a common first choice for deodorant for young teen girls.

Color: Hot Pink

Buzzwords: Cute, Girlie, Pink, Crush

Flirty lips and XOXO

How Sexist is Teen Skincare? - viva glam magazine
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Nair is a common brand for young women to use for waxing their legs and their bikini area.

Color: Hot Pink

Delicious, Cherry, Kiss, Soft

Slender young woman in an attractive revealing outfit

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