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How My Life Changed When I Hired a Personal Stylist

What happens when a normal woman hires a personal stylist?

I wouldn’t consider myself an unstylish woman per se. After all, I work in the entertainment industry and have for over two decades. Much of my ability to get hired actually depends on how I look for interviews, auditions, and go-sees. But, I’m not what you would call a fashionista. That title belongs to my friend, Holley.

Holley is a true fashionista. First, let’s talk about her appearance so you get an idea of what she is like. Holley is tall. She is slender. She has real boobs (and in Hollywood, that is rare) and she was a model. Now, she is a stylist and boy, does she have an eye for fashion. She has the ability to express herself at any given moment through her fashion sensibility. You see, she can communicate through her clothing. Her style is edgy, yet refined, and always in good taste.

So, I decided to hire Holley to see what would happen to my sense of fashion or lack thereof.

First, she was able to pick out the smallest things about an outfit that made it somehow not look “right”. Instead of a sequined top with a sequined jacket, she asked, “Do you have a plain white, v-neck t shirt to go under that jacket ?” Well, when I put the white t-shirt on, the entire outfit magically came together. Before, I couldn’t figure out exactly what was wrong. I just knew it was somehow “off”.

I used to rely too much on my body shape to look appealing. She chose outfits that played down the bust area and were looser, not form fitting. I immediately looked sophisticated. My look now commanded more respect. As a result, I was taken seriously by others.

She also showed me that you don’t have to spend a fortune to look good. Good taste doesn’t necessarily equal extra expense. Conversely, you can have all of the money in the world and still have bad taste. By wearing simple styles with clean lines, my outfits looked expensive, but weren’t necessarily so.

Also, she said that by adding a few key accent pieces, you could spruce up your basics. Basics are key items that everyone should have, and they can last forever if taken care of properly. So you can spend more on these and less on the accent pieces.

Watching Holley made me want to omit several pieces from my wardrobe that were either in bad taste, out of style, or simply unused. I ended up streamlining my wardrobe for the better!

So, if someone were to ask me, “Is hiring a personal stylist worth it?” I would unequivocally say that yes, it is an experience that every woman should have at least once in their life. From it, you will not only change your wardrobe, you’ll change your wardrobe sensibility. And this knowledge you will take with you from that day forth! My advice is to just do it. Do it for yourself because you deserve it!



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