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How Much Do You Know About Crystal Healing?

Could you benefit from healing crystals?

Crystal healing is an alternative medicine practice that harnesses the power of crystals for healing and therapeutic purposes. There are many different types of crystals to provide mental and physical health benefits. These beautiful stones are a pleasure to look at and are ideal to focus positive intentions in your home and work space. Here are some healing crystals that can lead you to a happier, healthier, and more productive life.


Know for its characteristic purple hue, an amethyst is a type of quartz. Its color comes from its purple tips, and it has also been compared to the color of wine. This crystal has been known to enhance psychic ability and can help you connect with your spirituality. It also aids in cutting through deception and allows clarity of thought.


Citrine is a beautiful amber or honey-colored stone that is full of optimistic, positive energy. It is another type of quartz and its color comes from the iron contained in it. Yellow crystals promote clarity, warmth, and optimism. Citrine never needs to be cleansed or recharged since it dispels negative energy. It is also believed to invite prosperity and wealth into your life.

Lapis Lazuli

This vivid blue gemstone is believed to link the celestial and material realms. It has the power to reveal the wonders of the cosmos to those looking to harness its energy. Wearing Lapis Lazuli can help you get rid of emotional blockages. It can also bring the wearer peace of mind by eliminating stress and confusion regarding major life decisions.


Turquoise has long been valued for its ability to ward off evil and strengthen the bonds of love and friendship. It is believed to impart wisdom and a sense of confidence to its wearer. Wearing turquoise can bring relief from respiratory problems and ailments related to the immune system. It is revered as a healing stone by many and is known to be helpful in interpreting dreams.


Obsidian comes in different varieties and has grounding and protective properties. It can help people let go of addictions or negative habits. It is strongly linked with clarity, serenity and positive change. It also has the ability to protect its wearer from negative energy and manifest their deep desires.

Apart from the crystals mentioned above, there are innumerable others with an abundance of healing properties. Choose one that resonates with you and use it wisely to experience positive changes in your life.

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