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How Much Do Celebrity Stylists Make?

As the role of celebrities has grown in society, so has that of celebrity stylists. Celebrities are no longer just on camera, but also on social media where they can share a variety of things with the world – from photos and videos to thoughts, feelings, and personal life updates.

Celebrity stylists help the stars to look their best and present their best selves. Celebrity stylists are typically responsible for getting celebrities ready for red carpets or events like award shows or music concerts where they don’t want to look sloppy or unprofessional. They also handle hair styling, make-up application, and other needs that require an understanding of fashion trends.

Celebrity stylists have the power to create a unique look that brings out a person’s most appealing qualities. They can also make or break careers by dressing celebrities in ways that leave them looking confident and successful. This means that there is a lot of pressure on them, so they need to be aware of what is trending as well as how much they are worth with their services.

How much do celebrity stylists make?

When it comes to working with celebrities, there is a lot of money at stake. A celebrity stylist can make anywhere from $100 per hour to $10,000 per day depending on the level of star power that they work for.

One of the factors in how much a celebrity stylist might make is their level of recognition. If you’re going to be the go-to person for celebrity hair or makeup, you can expect to make upwards of $250,000 per year.

It’s not glamorous as it may seem

A lot of stylists often say that the job isn’t as glamorous as it seems. Celebrity stylists are tasked with the job of making their celebrity clients look as good as possible. They are in charge of deciding what looks best for each client and alter it for them to look their best – no matter how demanding the task is. They always have a lot of work to do. 

There are a lot of surprises on the job and a good stylist should always be prepared for whatever may come their way. They should always find a way to deliver what the clients want.

Stylists also have to do their best at managing personal relationships with celebrities, while getting them ready for red carpet events and press conferences.

It’s also public knowledge that editorial photoshoots don’t pay well. Sometimes, the client has no budget. However, if the photoshoot is for a celebrity, the photos of the celebrity you can add to your portfolio might help you get another client in the future. It’s sort of like an investment.

How do you become a stylist to the stars?


Complete an internship or two at a fashion house or an agency. It’s best to assist as many stylists as you can because it will give you the on-the-ground experience and knowledge that you will need on how it really is like styling on the set. It also gives you perfect opportunities where you can get a client. There are many circumstances when stylists can’t take the job, the assistants take over their gigs.

Build connections

To be able to establish yourself as a stylist, it’s important to network. Build industry-relevant connections and value relationships.

Know the ins and outs of the fashion business

To make a living in the fashion industry, it is not enough to just have good taste. You must know how to keep up with the latest fashion trends, do research on different looks, and study the different styles of celebrities. As a celebrity stylist, it’s important to make every celebrity you’re working with happy. That’s why knowing what looks would work for them is helpful.

Find Inspiration from Celebrity Stylists

It is hard to find a celebrity stylist. Luckily, there are databases such as Moda Database that allow you to get more information about celebrity stylists, the brands celebrities wear, and the brand stylists work with.

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