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How Models Stay in Shape

A lot of people believe that models are blessed with a metabolism that allows them to stay in shape with little to no effort. The truth is, a model’s body is the same as everyone else. In fact, they have to follow certain rules to ensure that they stay fit and healthy. To give you a better idea, here are some of the ways models stay in shape.

1. They Avoid Alcohol

Although models attend parties, most of them try to avoid alcoholic beverages. If they drink, they limit their alcohol intake. The reason is that alcohol adds empty calories, and it lowers your metabolism through an increase in cortisol levels. As you know, cortisol is a stress hormone. When there is an increase in cortisol levels, your fat storage is also increased.

Instead of alcoholic drinks, models generally drink more water. Aside from being calorie-free, it also increases your metabolism, helping you burn more calories.

2. They Don’t Eat Too Much Sugar and Carbs

One of the best ways models stay in shape is through their diet. To be specific, they avoid eating sugary and starchy foods, such as rice, potatoes, and bread. Remember, these foods are converted into glycogen, and excess glycogen is converted to fat that is stored in the abdominal region.

Of course, models eat pizzas and burgers too. However, they only indulge once in a while. As much as possible, they try to eat healthy and low-calorie foods.

3. They Exercise

Another great way models stay in shape is by exercising regularly. Remember, exercise is the best way to burn calories and maintain a fit physique. As such, most models do different workouts in a week. Aside from jogging, they also do strength training, spinning, or barre workouts. According to some models, they exercise at least three times a week to maintain a lean body.

4. They have an Active Lifestyle

The last on this list of ways models stay in shape is by having an active lifestyle. To be specific, most models do other activities outside the gym. For example, some of them swim or hike as a hobby. These activities also burn calories that allow them to maintain their weight. Even having to pose on camera daily can help build certain muscles that others ignore.

Aside from that, an active lifestyle also involves walking. Most models try to reach 10,000 steps per day. Remember, walking 10,000 steps each day can offer a lot of benefits. Aside from weight management, it can also help boost your energy and promote a healthy heart.

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