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How long does it take to receive Bitcoin from a casino

It seems like the crypto craze is not over just because we’ve seen many industries integrate this revolutionary technology into their services, like the online gambling industry. Today, there are plenty of online casinos that will allow you to play your favorite casino games using Bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency, and people love them.

The reason why they are so popular at the moment is because of the benefits that come with this form of gambling. Crypto gambling allows users to stay anonymous, have better security, the process is more transparent, and yes, there are faster transactions compared to traditional online casinos that use fiat currencies.

Most people talk about crypto transactions being faster than bank or credit card transfers, but how fast are they actually?

So, why not look at how crypto transactions are processed, and how long will it take for you to get all your profits and a Bitcoin casino bonus straight to your digital wallet?!

How to Deposit and Withdraw Bitcoin from a Casino

Before we can talk about how transactions are processed and the time consumption of the process, let’s learn more about how the process functions. The difference between crypto and regular online casinos in terms of deposits and withdrawals is nearly identical.

In most cases, the deposit feature comes right after the signup process, which is quite straightforward. With that said, there is one big difference between crypto and regular casinos and it is about sharing information. 

Instead of signing up and putting all kinds of bank information into your casino account, Bitcoin casinos require you to put your crypto wallet address or scan a code, and that’s it. After you’ve entered all the details and chosen the amount you want to deposit, you can click the button and the funds will be deposited into your casino account in minutes.

The withdrawal process varies from operator to operator. However, most casinos have the same procedure where people can take out their profits. All you need to do is login into your casino account, choose withdrawal, and the method you want your money to be withdrawn. After typing the desired amount, you need to verify your account and transfer your winnings to your digital wallet.

How Long Does it Take to Withdraw Bitcoin from Casino?

Well, even though most crypto casinos will point out the faster transaction speed as the main benefit of crypto gambling, the actual speed of every transaction depends on many factors. First of all, not all cryptocurrencies operate in the same way. The technology and coding in some allow faster transaction than in others.

For example, Bitcoin transactions should be processed from 10-20 minutes, and Ethereum transactions will take only 2 minutes.

The speed of each transaction depends on many factors that are not controlled by the casino, such as:

Load of the Bitcoin Network

If there are many transactions happening on the Bitcoin network, chances are that you might encounter a slower transaction speed. Sometimes when the Bitcoin network is loaded with transactions, people are paying higher gas fees in order to motivate miners to sort out their transactions faster. However sometimes, even increasing the fee may not help.

Miner’s Fee

The crypto fee is set to motivate miners to process transactions faster. The higher the fee the higher priority miners will have in sorting your transactions. 

Delay in Sending

If you are sending Bitcoin from a personal wallet, the transaction will be added immediately for processing. However, if you use a third-party wallet, such as a casino wallet or an exchange, it depends on how quickly the service operator will send your transactions. Sometimes, even when casinos say that transactions are sent, they are not really ready for processing on the blockchain which is why it can delay the process.

Another thing to consider is the Casino payment policy. Even though Bitcoin transactions have an average processing time of 10 minutes, this doesn’t guarantee that you’ll get your winnings in that time. Some casinos have specific payout policies that require you to wait a couple of days in order to see your Bitcoin into your wallet.

So, before signing up to a casino make sure to check out their payout method and time since they might send you the money in a couple of days even though you are playing with Bitcoin which has a faster processing time than bank transfers.

Final Words

So, in other words, there is no fixed time that you can expect a payout in Bitcoin from a casino just because the process depends on many factors. In most cases, you can expect your winnings into your account in 10 minutes. However, if a few hours pass by and you still haven’t received your cryptocurrency, make sure to contact the casino support and sort out the issue.

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