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How Does Melania Trump Stay in Shape?

Melania Trump has a body that a lot of people desire. Most of you probably think that having a slim figure is not attainable; however, that is not true. Just like the first lady, you, too, can achieve a great body through a healthy lifestyle. So, how does Melania Trump stay in shape?

Fitness Routine

Exercise is a must to achieve a slim figure, and Melania Trump has a fitness routine that she follows regularly.

1. Pilates

Melania Trump does pilates two to three times a week. According to her, she enjoys this type of workout because she can do it anywhere. With her hectic schedule, this exercise will surely come in handy. Additionally, she also stated in one of her interviews that pilates helped her get back in shape after she had given birth.

2. Light Exercises

Aside from pilates, Melania Trump also enjoys walking around her house. To make it more challenging, she wears ankle weights. This exercise may have a little impact. Still, it can help you stay in shape, especially when done every day.

3. Sports

Aside from regular workouts, Melania Trump also plays sports, specifically tennis. Although the White House doesn’t have a tennis court, the Trumps have access to several tennis courts at the Mar-a-Lago, their home in Palm Beach, Florida. Additionally, the Trump National Golf Club in Bedminister, New Jersey, has four tennis courts.

Healthy Diet

How does Melania Trump stay in shape aside from her fitness routine? As a former model, she is no stranger to a healthy lifestyle. In fact, she incorporates healthy eating habits with her workout to achieve a slim figure.

1. Always Eat Breakfast

For Melania Trump, breakfast is important, and she often has a vitamin-packed smoothie for her first meal of the day. According to one interview, her breakfast is made with a few ingredients, including carrots, blueberries, and spinach. Sometimes, she also eats oatmeal for breakfast.

2. Portion Control

Melania Trump is not a fan of fad diets. Instead, she eats fruits and vegetables, and she practices portion control. In fact, she also eats treats, like ice cream and cake, in moderation.

3. Fruit Focus

As mentioned, Melania Trump fuels her body with fruits and vegetables. According to her, she tries to eat seven pieces of fruit every day to reap their healthful nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.

As presented, Melania Trump stays in shape by combining an active lifestyle with healthy eating habits. As you can see, all of the things she does to maintain a slim figure are doable. So, you too can have a great body if you practice a healthy lifestyle.


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