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How Do You Wear a V-Part Wig?

Wigs have become a huge phenomenon in the fashion world. While they’ve been engrained in the history of fashion for many years now, it’s safe to say they were out of style for a large part of the last century. However, with the recent pandemic plopping plenty of free time in our hands, we suddenly felt the urge to play and create… on our heads! And with the creative expression of brighter hair colors, chunky highlights, and bold cuts came the re-emergence of wigs in modern society. What do I mean? Wigs are super on trend right now! They allow us an unlimited amount of creativity in a non-permanent way.

However, when we pick a wig, we want to make sure we pick the right style and type to ensure that it looks realistic. The last thing we want to do is pick a cheap wig. In order to do that, you should, first, look for wigs made from real human hair. Aside from that, you should consider a wig with a ‘v-part’.

What is a V-Part Wig?

What is a v-part wig? I’m glad you asked. A v-part wig is basically just as it sounds- it’s a wig that has a wide, v-shaped part at the top of it with the front, widest part of the “v” shape meant to go at the front of your head. And the opening slowly gets closer until it’s attached at the back of the head. It’s considered a ‘partial wig’ as it showcases your natural hair’s roots.

How to Wear V-Part Wigs

Now, why would you want to wear a wig with a “V-Part” at the top. Well, first and foremost, (and honestly most simply), is because it showcases your natural roots, allowing the wig to immediately look more natural. So, when putting on the v-front wig, you simply align the front of the wig with the front top of your head, ensuring the wider part of the ‘v’ shape is closest to your forehead. From there, clip the wig to your hair just a small distance away from your natural part. If you’d like to ensure it looks as natural as possible, clip in the wig just slightly behind a small chunk of your natural hair so it seamlessly connects to your natural hair. You can also brush a bit of your natural hair over the top of the v-front wig to better hide the point where the wig is attached. 

The Benefits of a V-Part Wig

The main complaint most people have with wigs is that they can ‘look fake’. This usually falls back on two factors: the part and your forehead. A bad wig won’t have a natural-looking part, as you expect to see a tiny bit of someone’s scalp at their part. With no scalp skin at the part, you can tell the hair is a wig. This is the same with the forehead, as well. A bad wig sits abruptly on your forehead and doesn’t look natural, as it doesn’t have natural-looking whisps and baby hairs that your real hair would have. That’s why v-part wigs are so important! They sit just off of your natural part, allowing your true part to show through, immediately making your wig look natural. As a partial wig, it also allows for your baby hairs and natural hair to show on your forehead, again making it look more natural than almost all other wigs. So, they immediately look more realistic.

As your natural roots show through, you don’t need any wig caps, immediately making your head more comfortable and the wig more breathable. There’s no lace and nothing to sew in, so there is no damage done to your head. All in all, v-part wigs are a huge win.

And, if you’re truly not sure if a v-front wig will work for you, you could always get a t part lace wig instead. Like I said, wigs are becoming so realistic now-a-days that it’s worth it to invest in a variety of wigs for all your fashion looks.

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