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How Can Your Company Benefit From Hiring Millennials?

A team is what makes up the core of the business. That’s why making hiring decisions can be challenging at times. There are a lot of stereotypes and misconceptions about the generation of Millennials when it comes to labor. But hiring them is actually a beneficial choice for any company.

It is especially great for small business owners, some of whom might also still be in college struggling with endless written assignments. As a business owner, you might not have a lot of time to devote to recruiting. Yet, it is important not to mismatch and find suitable employees. 

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Back on track, Pew Research identifies the millennial generation as people born between 1981 and 1997. So, some of them are in their 30s now, and some might still be in college. Here are the main benefits of hiring this demographic group.

They Are Highly Educated

Millennials are currently the most educated group in the workforce. Many of them have college and university degrees, as well as training and certifications. And it is a great benefit for any company. They can bring expertise and relevant knowledge in the field that others didn’t think about.

Even if a college diploma is not crucial for a particular position, it is always great to have one. It illustrates not only one’s knowledge but also motivation to work hard and devote years of life to bettering themselves.

They Are Tech-Savvy

Previous generations are not as good with technology as Millennials; it is just how it goes. Millennials are natives when it comes to the Internet, laptops, smartphones, and various software solutions. This is essential not only for IT industry jobs but for any company, as everything is digital now.

For example, digital marketing and social media are on the rise. And you want someone on your team who knows what’s happening there. It is extremely easy to make a mistake online that will damage the company’s reputation for years. But hiring someone knowledgeable in it can eliminate those risks.

And Millennials do pick up new technologies and tech skills faster than other generations. So, it is easier for them to train and learn something new when needed.

It Is Affordable

This depends on the situation and the age of a professional you are hiring, but generally, it is more affordable to hire young specialists.

There are several reasons for that.

  • They can lack experience and be motivated to start their career for a lower salary.
  • This generation is less motivated by money but more by social issues and the desire to make a positive change.
  • They can be fresh out of the educational system and be at an entry-level in their careers.
  • They can be attracted by internships during college, which is cheaper than getting a full-time employee.

Of course, one might say that recruiting entry-level specialists is not always great. But it has its own perks – for example, training them for your company needs or getting a fresh perspective. Besides, you get a loyal workforce as a result.

They Are Adaptable

One more thing this generation is great at is its adaptability and flexibility. They grew up during a rapidly changing world with great societal and economic shifts. They had to learn how to adapt to new circumstances and adjust their behavior.

That’s why they can easily change jobs when they see no growth or fulfillment in their current position. It is often mistaken for impatience. But constant development is important for Millennials.

If you need an employee who can work in different environments and quickly adjust to new circumstances, you should look into this demographic.

They Care About Social Issues

Why does it even matter for a business? – You might ask. Well, because in the modern world, customers care about what the company stands for. Ethical consumerism, environmental awareness, and sustainability are becoming high-priority aspects.

Companies need to adjust to that. They are expected to have a stance on social issues, as it allows customers to connect deeper with them. People want to support brands with the same values as they have.

Millennials are naturally sensitive to societal issues. They are much more aware of the problems in modern society. So, hiring them allows building a positive image of the brand and eliminating any reputational risks. Indeed, for Millenials, it is not a forced idea of performative activism they have to pretend to care about. They actually care and can help choose the right direction to follow and do it authentically.

They Are Motivated

The adaptability of this generation allows them to see a bigger picture. They are open to learning constantly and getting new skills. And they want to succeed in the workplace. It is an internal motivation that drives employees to perform greatly.

Usually, this demographic works for the company’s purpose. They are not driven only by money decisions; they want to make a positive change. So, if their values align with the company’s ones, you’ve got yourself a motivated, dedicated, and loyal specialist.

They Are Team Players

Another benefit of this demographic group is that they work great in teams. They are perceptive to the spirit of collaboration, common goals, and effective communication with peers.

According to a Deloitte survey of 2018, 52% of Millennials name positive and collaborative company culture as a top priority when choosing a workplace. They also prefer open communication and are ready to dialogue. It means that they can work alongside other generations comfortably and productively.

They Are Creative

If you value thinking outside-the-box and creative solutions, it is what Millennials can bring to your company.

One of the reasons why they are so creative is that they live in a world of stiff competition, especially when it comes to professional growth. They can bring new perspectives, fresh ideas, and breakthrough changes.

And they keep it all relevant. They are in the same demographic as a huge part of consumers and can relate to what they are looking for. It is important to be on the same page with your clients and the current events worldwide, so Millennials can do just that.

In Summary

This generation is flexible, adaptable, and internally motivated to grow and learn with the company. They care about social issues, the environment, and the impact of their work on the world. They are also highly-educated and always ready to get additional training to learn something new.

All of that makes them a great addition to any team. Moreover, they are one of the main demographic parts of the workforce right now. So, don’t hesitate to hire the best representatives of Millenials to make your company thrive. Good luck!

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