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Honoring Earth Day With Sustainable Performance Socks

A Spotlight on Rockay’s 100% Recycled Socks That Help Clean Our Oceans

Sustainable shopping is slowly but surely becoming a trend, a conscious lifestyle many decide to practice in their everyday lives. It seems like the feeling of guilt about buying something cheap and fast is getting replaced with a sense of pride due to ethical and sustainable shopping.  

Not only do companies shift their collections to green and ethical manufacturing, but consumers shift their purchasing habits too.

And that’s the way it should be! With the approaching Earth Day, we would like to honor everyone with this kind of mindset. One of the industry leaders in sustainable fashion, sports apparel to be precise, is a newly born brand – Rockay.

This Danish apparel company is the first one to launch performance socks made from 100% recycled materials and ocean waste.

How is Rockay Different?

Rocky has got quite a story to tell. In early 2018, an ultra-marathoner Daniel Chabert from Denmark decided to turn his passion for running into a sustainable project. With his small team of running enthusiasts, designers and athletes, he launched a brand that pushes performance further, without compromising on sustainability.

Rockay uses 100% regenerated nylon yarn called ECONYL as the main material for its socks, along with other materials like recycled polyamide and recycled elastane. Even the packaging is made from 100% recycled materials sourced from waste in the packaging industry. The team took a step further and replaced plastic transparent bags used for shipping with biodegradable ones, which is another way to reduce pollution.

Before a new sock style goes on the market, the team puts in hours of designing, improving, perfecting and field-testing. This is where Rockay Athletes from all around the world come into play.

What’s Trending for Rockay?

The latest style Rockay added to its range is arm sleeves. If you have never tried those, they’re quite handy to protect you from different weather conditions, both winter cold and summer burns and heat and help your muscles recover faster.

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Rockay Arm Sleeves Papaya

What’s neat about Rockay arm sleeves is that they have a seamless construction, which means they are non-restrictive and are not binding. This gives you a nice silky touch, greater stretch, and extra comfort as your body moves. The team of experts uses special high-quality cylinder knitting machines, holding 200 very thin knitting needles (1/50th of an inch thick).

To make their products more durable and reduce the need for constant washing, Rockay added a special Swedish odor control technology, called Polygiene. This treatment is added onto the yarn at the finishing stages of textile production. The final result is that Rockay products remain odor-free. You can wear them more and wash less, and thus, save water, energy, time, and money.

If you choose to run or do some fitness at night, Rockay arm sleeves have a reflective logo to keep you visible and safe.

A cherry on the top is Rockay’s lifetime guarantee. Should your arm sleeves or any other products develop holes, you can return them for examination and get a new pair, for free.

We’re the Ones to Drive Change

Think about your purchases, it’s a decision that impacts our environment and our lives. Do some research and support those brands that put a lot of energy, time, and money to recycle and reuse the waste that’s already produced instead of polluting our ecosystem further. Gather your friends and enjoy some sustainable shopping!

About Earth Day

Earth Day was recognized as an official holiday in 1970. Today, the whole world celebrates it on April 22nd every year. We like to dedicate our attention to sustainable brands that truly do everything in their power to help give back to the environment and preserve our planet.

The more we remind ourselves of this day and think of Earth Day every day—the more likely we are to reduce environmental pollution. We have a huge impact on our planet. Let us make it a good one.

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