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Home Decor Trends for This Summer

Of all the seasons, the decor we’re drawn to in summer is perhaps the most magical. There’s a muted calm about it, whether it’s the leafy green of new houseplants or the cooling effect of gentle, neutral colours in our furniture and accessories. Summer 2022 is embracing interior design trends that are trending such as bringing nature into our homes, lifting the spirit with colour and filling each room with light and air. In this article, discover the top household tips and decor trends for this summer.

Bringing the outside, inside

With the increasing popularity of houseplants among both the younger and older generations, bringing the outside indoors is now one of summer’s hottest interior design trends. Whether you keep cacti on your windowsill or have filled your home with as many green plants as it can handle, fresh greens are a huge colour trend for 2022 – and plants are a great way to get it. Skip the repaint and swap out some home accessories for flowers and big, leafy green plants.

Adding a pop of colour

Unexpected colour can transform a living space, making it cosier or brighter, giving it a new lease of life. Finding complementary colours to your furniture and changing up your look is a big trend for summer, especially as the days stretch on for longer. After all, you’ve never seen a room sparkle until you’ve seen it during golden hour! For this summer, ditch the paint and try incorporating colour in other aspects, like furniture, accessories, or fabrics. They can liven up a room for a fraction of the price of a can of ordinary paint.

Light and breezy living

During the summer months, we all want to stay cool, so switching out heavy fabrics for lighter ones and focusing on neutral colours will help you embrace summer’s big trend: light and breezy living. Whether it’s switching up your bedding – from cotton to cooling satin pillowcases from online homeware shops like Keplin Group or freshening up curtains, cushions or blinds, a few changes can help the outside air and sunshine flow through your home.

Open plan concepts

Once the bane of the modern home, the open-plan concept has whisked its way back into style. Having spent two years considering how energy flows through our homes and how to make them work for us, open-plan living areas and kitchens have exploded with popularity – largely thanks to their versatility and giving openness to previously cramped spaces. If you’re trying to bring an airy, relaxed feel to your home whilst still setting out distinctive areas for activities, an open plan concept is low-effort, high impact.

Using sustainable fabrics

Sustainability is in every season, but particularly in the summer. Many sustainable fabrics, including linen, can keep you cool during the hotter months and can be used in a variety of ways. Swap out ordinary blinds for linen or give away your plastic blends. Using sustainable fabrics doesn’t just help your home decor – it helps you to reduce your carbon footprint too!

Natural materials in home decor

If you’re looking for statement pieces that blend well with natural surroundings, wood furniture is the place to go – and it’s one of this summer’s top decor trends. Materials like wicker, cane and especially rattan are already popular in Europe and have been steadily transforming gardens here with their neutral colours and longevity. With a distinctly bohemian vibe, wood is also great as a decor option all year round – not just in the summer.

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