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Is the expression “the right stuff” still valid? And above all when talking of fashion, does the concept extend also to fabrics or just to the brand which creates the clothes? It is always a good idea, before buying a garment, to find out what material it has been made with, in order to better understand the quality of the product.

If it is therefore true that it is possible to recognise the high quality of a garment from a fashion fabric, it is also true that in tailors’ shops, or in any case in the world of garment manufacturers, the use of high-fashion fabrics as well as of innovative fabrics is the rule. In order to better understand this world, we will now review some of the materials with which these items are made. In this way, moving between cotton, silk, and cashmere, it is easy to understand the quality of a collection.


We will list a series of materials used to make high-fashion garments.

High-fashion fabrics: cotton

Cotton has always been a fashionable fabric, versatile and at the same time highly resistant thanks to a weave made of natural fibres. Although not an innovative fabric, but always present in ateliers and tailors’ shops, cotton is a commonly used fabric because it is especially light and breathable, the reason for which it is favoured during the summer. Among the wide-ranging uses for this fashionable fabric, we must mention shirts, skirts, dresses and trousers.

High-fashion fabrics: cashmere

Another fibre which belongs to the world of high-fashion fabrics is cashmere. This fibre comes from a goat breed which lives in Tibet, China and Mongolia. Oddly, the origin of the name is Indian, deriving from the northern region of the country where, in the 15th century, the breed of this valuable animal started to expand. Today the best cashmere no longer comes from this region, but from the Far East.

High-fashion fabrics made in cashmere are warm, silky and very soft to the touch. Cashmere fabric is especially suitable to make winter clothes and jackets.

High-fashion fabrics: silk

Last but no less important is silk. It is, par excellence, a high-fashion fabric owing to its ability to reflect light through its inimitable splendour, as well as its ability to absorb dyes with a wide range of hues.

The elasticity of the silk thread gives the fabric particular resistance together with incredible softness. This enables every drape to fall perfectly. The looks achieved thanks to this high-fashion fabric speak of perfect femininity through tailored shirts and jackets, but also dresses and skirts with glamorous and exclusive modelling.

Cotton, cashmere and silk are just some of the materials with which high-fashion fabrics can be made. Although not considered as innovative fabrics, these materials have never stopped being fashionable fabrics, given that they have always been part of the collective fashion imagination, recreating exclusive and refined moments to be projected into the contemporary age.

For more specific information, please refer to the detailed article on high-fashion fabrics by Carnet, one of the biggest global players in the manufacture of luxury fabrics and accessories.

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