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Hemp Yourself to Chronic Ice Teas

With temperatures soaring over 100 degrees, it’s important to keep yourself cool and hydrated. Enter Chronic Ice Tea! I was first introduced to this yummy concoction on the new Kato Kaelin Show. Owner and creator, Drew Young, let us sample several varieties of this amazingly refreshing ice tea.

Recently, Chronic has introduced their new Ginger Ale Premium Hemp Soda. So crisp and clean! My favorite is the Lemon Classic Premium Help Tea. It is amazing over ice on a hot summer day. Chronic also makes Grape Escape and Peach Perfection. These premium hemp teas are all – natural and made from organic black and green tea blends, ground hemp and cane sugar.

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And at only 80 calories a serving, a girl can have a few while sitting by the pool!
They are antioxidant rich and are free of sucrose and corn syrup.

Who drinks Chronic?
Hip hop artists Lil Wayne, 50 Cent and Snoop Dogg do!
And so does the staff of Viva Glam Magazine!

To find a distributor of Chronic Ice Tea and Soda in your area, visit their official website:

And check them out on Facebook and Twitter!

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