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Answer the Call of Adventure with Kayak Kauai

When heading to Kauai, it’s only natural to want to answer the call of adventure. After all, there are numerous waterfalls, challenging muddy hikes galore, and a lot of fun water-sport activities to partake in. Does that sound like your kind of vacation? Well, if you’re one of the many who love adventurous vacation activities, be sure to check out Kayak Kauai during your stay in Kauai.

Kayak Kauai offers kayak rentals, kayak tours (including many out in the ocean and the Wailua River Sacred Falls Tour which includes kayaking down the Wailua River), and camping and hiking tours. It’s the perfect place to schedule a tour if you’re an adventure lover visiting the beautiful island of Kauai!

During our trip to Kauai with VIVA GLAM Magazine, we definitely had to check out the Wailua River Sacred Falls Tour with Kayak Kauai. On a normal tour, this is a five-hour guided adventure that starts with kayaking down the Wailua River and ends with a fun, moderate to challenging hike to Sacred Falls. There’s a quippy, knowledgeable guide, a packed lunch, and all the adventure you could ask for in this gorgeous jungle-like backdrop. Unfortunately, when we visited for our early-morning adventure, the water level was too high for us to safely hike across the river (as it had rained the night before), so the hiking portion of our tour was cancelled. While we would have loved to have done the hike, we appreciate the team having our safety in mind first and foremost! They gave us the option for a full refund, but we stayed because we still wanted to kayak!

You know, we didn’t mind the cancellation at all. We still had a nice 4-mile kayak session down the Wailua River and back with Dustin, our personable and knowledgeable guide. The pace of our hike was relatively laid back, and as two people who don’t kayak frequently, we could absolutely handle ourselves the full four miles without much issue. Dustin pointed out the filming locations that have been used around the Wailua River. In fact, it is regularly seen on the big screen in place of the Amazon River since it really can look like it, but it’s also, of course, much safer than the Amazon. This kayak adventure really was one of the most beautiful settings I’ve ever seen with lush greenery all around. Dustin was fun, funny, and really made out experience fantastic. We didn’t seem to miss the hike much, as we still had a great time and got to enjoy some delicious pineapple once we got back. We can’t wait to make it back out in the future to get the full tour experience out to Sacred Falls soon.

All in all, if you make it out to Kauai and are an active adventure lover, definitely check out Kayak Kauai and all that it has to offer! If you’re not a very active person, it may not be for you, however, so be sure to ask questions and be as informed as possible before signing up. But if you love kayaking and hikes, definitely check out Kayak Kauai! It is VIVA GLAM recommended.


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