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How to Have a Healthy Relationship with Makeup

The power of makeup can be transformative. A bright red lip or smoky eyes can do wonders for your mood and brighten up your day. We relate to the makeup we wear in different ways.

Some of us use makeup to hide our “flaws” like pimples and dark circles. Others use these products to highlight certain features or enhance their looks. We all tend to lean more in one direction or the other. These ways of hiding and highlighting can create a smoke and mirrors effect that some people have perfected, while others are still trying to get there.

However, in a society which is extremely critical of the way women look, your relationship with makeup can begin to border on unhealthy. Women in the public eye simply cannot exist without having every aspect of their appearance over-analyzed. Rather than being celebrated for their accomplishments, they are ridiculed for the way they look. Unfortunately, we as a society are conditioned to think and behave this way.

Signs That Your Relationship with Makeup Is Unhealthy

If you find that you cannot step out of your house without makeup, it may be time to start reassessing your relationship with it. Some women may hide behind a veil of makeup or pack too much on. They may even go as far as wearing their makeup to bed , believing that it makes them more attractive to their partners. This is terrible for skin and may lead to breakouts, fine lines and a host of other issues.

On the other hand, some women believe that wearing makeup makes them pseudo-feminists. This misplaced notion stems from the belief that women who wear makeup are doing it solely to attract the opposite sex. They channel unnecessary negativity into putting down their makeup wearing acquaintances.

Developing A Better Relationship with Makeup

Whether you fall into one of the camps mentioned above or are coasting somewhere in between, the key is to find balance. Your makeup shouldn’t define who you are. In the same vein, it’s important not to judge others for how much or how little makeup they wear. Remember that while you may not understand it, their makeup choices may be empowering to them.

The choices you make are your own and doesn’t affect others. The makeup you wear may not be just for you, and that’s ok. It’s also perfectly fine to wear makeup to cover any scars or imperfections if you’d prefer. Makeup is completely subjective, and every single person is different. Instead of obsessing over whether your makeup looks right or wrong, have fun with it.

On some days, you may feel like spending an hour putting on your makeup, while on others you’d prefer to be barefaced. Reach a point when you feel absolutely comfortable leaving the house either way. Makeup should never feel like a chore but like a fun form of self-expression.


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