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Healthy Hair Starts with Healthy Scalp

Spring is here and it is a great time to give your scalp a break! Most of the time people never give their scalp much of a rest unless there is a problem. Different conditions can affect the scalp. These conditions can make your scalp itchy, irritating and embarrassing.

We get facials and body scrubs to avoid serious buildup of oils and dirt on our skin pores. Our scalp also gets shampoo and conditioner.
We use this to remove dirt and oils that start to clog up hair pores.

Here are some instructions for your scalp treatment :

~ Wet scalp.
~ Take a comb section your hair.
~ Gently scrub scalp with comb or brush.
You can gently remove the scales with a fine comb. You will see flakes come off.
~ After removing all flakes apply Complex 5 by Rene Furterer or hair ointment, tree tea oil . This will tone your scalp and strengthen the hair. This regenerating extract with stimulating essential oils will give you a peppermint stimulating feeling.
~ Massage into scalp for three to five minutes.
~ Follow with a apple cider clarifying shampoo.
~ Treatments can be maintained once a month to maintain
healthy scalp.

The Benefits of a Scalp Treatment:
  1. Removes dead skin from scalp.
  2. Relives itchy, dry scalp.
  3. Makes hair grow healthier and faster.
  4. Promotes blood circulation to scalp helping hair to grow, great for thinning hair problems.
  5. Strengthen hair shaft. Prevents hair from getting split ends.

You will love the feeling of a clean scalp! I suggest you follow with a hair cut or trim. If you have any questions please contact me at[email protected].


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