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If you keep up with the latest and greatest in fashion, you’ve certainly seen that headscarves are a trendy thing of the present. These fashionable, culturally diverse accessories for the head, hair and neck are both a throwback and fashion forward; they’re both classic and hip; they’re versatile and consistent in style.

Maybe you’re intrigued by the thought of a headscarf, but not quite sure where, when or how to wear them? Maybe you’re not quite sure that they suit you and your specific style. We think you’ll find if you learn the different ways to wear them, you’ll find many styles you love.


A Classic Nod to Decades Past

The 40’s, 50’s and 60’s were chock full of chic housewives who knew just how to doll themselves up even during the busiest of days with their families. If you pay close attention, you’ll find that headscarves were quite the accessory even back then… perhaps because even back then they were trendy, versatile, cute, and effortless. Fold a large square scarf into a triangle by half-ing it diagonally.

Pull the two base corners of the triangle down on either side of your face, and tie it under the chin. The third point of the triangle should sit behind the head on top of your hair. For a super trendy style, make sure that a good bit of your hairline shows in front of the scarf (in other words, don’t butt the edge right up to your forehead).


Retro Wraps

Have you always been one to love 70’s style? Think crazy colors, flared jeans, platform shoes and statement hair? If that’s you, you’ll love sporting a simple wrap that wraps across the forehead and ties in the back of the head. Consider wearing this wrap with hair that’s down and straight, or with 2 low pigtails on either side. All you need to do? Fold a long scarf into a thin rectangle, about 1-2 inches in width. Wrap across the forehead, and tie in the back. Just like that? You’ve got a retro head scarf that’ll make a statement with any outfit.


The Scarf that Screams Strong and Styled

Maybe it’s the meme’s we’ve seen, maybe it’s the old photos of the working girl with the headscarf that cradles a head full of hair; whatever it is: we love wearing the headscarf like this. For those days when you need to roll up your sleeves, throw your hair up, and get down and dirty, consider this style as your go-to for being practical, effective, and super cute.

This look is particularly adorable with bangs, though it can be pulled off without them! Once your hair is up in a tall, messy bun (not quite a top knot), fold a long scarf into a 3-5 inch rectangle. Pull the middle of the rectangle up around the crown of your head (where those baby hairs tend to fall out), and tie it tightly just above the bang. Adorable!


Can you tell now that head scarves can be worn in several different ways? When you factor in the different colors, shapes, styles and patterns, the possibilities are endless!



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