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Hayley Orrantia: On ‘The Goldbergs’, 80’s Fashion, and Her Upcoming EP

Fans of Hayley Orrantia have been following her since her days in Lakoda Rayne on “The X-Factor”. Now she is best known for her breakout role on “The Goldbergs” where she gets to play a high schooler
named Erica in a family comedy set in the 80’s.

As Orrantia gets
to work on a set that’s stuck in an 80’s time warp, she gets to play with vintage hair styles, beauty looks, and wardrobe on a daily basis. With such a fun role, we had to ask Orrantia about 80’s fashion, her favorite beauty looks, and, of course, what to expect on her debut solo EP this summer!


Q&A with Hayley Orrantia


What do you enjoy about your character Erica and “The Goldbergs” as a whole?

I love that Erica is such a strong and independent character and as sassy as she gets, she always has a sensitive side for her family. But most of all, I LOVE playing 9th grade Erica [in the flashback scenes] with the braces and glasses. I get to take that character to such an extreme and be ridiculous and it involves a lot of physical comedy. It’s very fun.


As the show is set in the 80’s, you get to wear an amazing wardrobe. What are some of your favorite outfits you’ve worn on the show so far? Have your stylists or your any of your outfits influenced or changed your personal sense of style?

It’s hard to narrow down to one specific outfit that I like the most. I love comfortable clothes since I’m in them all day long. I prefer high-waisted skinny jeans and a loose fitting top with a cute patterned bandeau underneath. Being on the show has definitely influenced my everyday style. I never used to wear high-waisted jeans but I went and bought four pairs after I got on the show.


Your character, Erica, is also now a singer. How did that come to be? Were they influenced by your singing abilities or was it a direction they were thinking of taking the character to begin with?

Erica wasn’t originally supposed to be a singer, but I told the creator and producers that I sing and if they ever had an opportunity for someone to sing on the show I would LOVE to. Luckily, they let me sing a song in the first season and it went over so well that they continue to write it in the show.



You have been a songwriter for many years. What inspires you to write music/lyrics?

I get inspired to write music through the different experiences and relationships in my life. Every song on my upcoming EP has a concept that came from something happening in my personal life since I moved out to LA about a year and a half ago.


Are you hoping to eventually release a full album? If so, what genre of music can we expect?

I just finished recording my EP and I’m hoping it will be out by summertime, but there’s no set date yet. It’s a country/pop album.



What is one beauty trend from the 80’s that you are glad to say stayed in the past? What is one that you might even rock off set?

I am so glad that it’s not as popular to overly tease your hair anymore because I hate dealing with the aftermath of washing and brushing it out. However, I love eyeshadow and even though I may not wear neon colors, I definitely wear a lot of eyeshadow, mostly browns.


Can you share with us one of your favorite beauty looks?

I love eyeshadow and making my eyes pop as much as I can. I love using a sparkly gold on my eyelids and then blending a matte brown color in the crease to add dimension. It really works for my brown eyes and helps make them stand out.


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